Great Lakes Plastics owner Nevin Zimmerman is fortunate because he enjoys the work he does. Zimmerman’s positive attitude about his work has also helped his business grow. The story of Zimmerman’s involvement in Great Lakes Plastics began when he moved to Goshen.

“I grew up in Sauk Centre, Minnesota, and in 2019 I married my wife, Kaitlyn, who was from Goshen, Indiana,” Zimmerman said. “Kaitlyn moved to Minnesota, and in March of 2020 I started working at Blue Lake Plastics in Sauk Centre, Minnesota. In the few short years I was there, I learned a lot and really enjoyed the work and talking to different people. We moved to Goshen in December 2022. The following summer, the owner of Blue Lake Plastics reached out and wondered if I would be interested in starting my own business, selling his products in this area, and thus Great Lakes Plastics was born.”

Zimmerman said he likes working with Kaitlyn at Great Lakes Plastics.

“I am the owner of the business, although Kaitlyn is involved and hopes she can be more as the business grows,” Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman also enjoys working with different manufacturers. “Since Great Lakes is still fairly new, the success is still a work in progress, but one thing I can say is that Blue Lake Plastics has been in business for over 15 years and has developed good relationships with some of the top manufacturers in the world,” he said. “Everybody loves the product, and we guarantee everything we sell. Good customer service is top priority, and taking good care of the people that do business with me is important.”

Zimmerman noted that Great Lakes Plastics sells a wide variety of products.

Hay bale wrapped in plastic
Great Lakes Plastics wrapping on a hay bail

“We sell net wrap, which is used for round [hay] bales,” Zimmerman said. “It is what holds the bale together, and the net wrap helps shed water.”

Great Lakes Plastics also sells baler twine, which is a net-like material used to wrap and secure bales of hay among other products.

“Baler twine is also used for round bales as well as square bales, and there are many different sizes depending on the application,” Zimmerman said. “Poly and sisal twine are also available. We also have bale wrap, which is used for wrapping wet hay bales. It can either be done as individual bales or tube wrapping.”

Zimmerman said bale tubes are like wrapping. “They are similar, but a bale tube is a tube that requires a different machine for the application,” he said. “Silage/grain bags are used for storing forage and grain. Again, different sizes are available. Bunker covers are a large sheet of plastic used to cover piles of forage. There are many different sizes available to meet the needs of the farmer.”

Zimmerman said the products at Great Lakes Plastics help farmers. “These products are necessary for good, quality hay and forages,” he said. “These products are made from high-quality resins and are very durable to withstand the elements. Another way we can help farmers is by having products readily available to meet their needs.”

Great Lakes Plastics also handles hay preservatives and forage inoculants. “Boat shrink film has also been a growing market, which I am excited about,” Zimmerman said. “Many boats get wrapped every year and we have different sizes/colors available.”

Plastic wrap in a field

Great Lakes Plastics also offers shipping. “Shipping is available on all our products,” Zimmerman said. “It doesn’t matter where you are located. Getting product to you is the easy part. If customers have any questions about any of the products, please call. I am happy to assist in any way I can. I look forward to establishing good relationships with producers in the area. I am still learning a lot every day, and am happy to grow with my customers.”

For more information on Great Lakes Plastics, call 574-301-5608, or email

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