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Yutzy’s Ammo and Optics Owner Talks Products and Services

Writer / Lois Tomaszewski
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A customer at Yutzy’s Ammo and Optics in Wakarusa was seeking the advice of Owner Karl Yutzy. The man was putting up Martin houses and wanted something that would keep pests away. He was unsure of what he needed and what type of gun would be best.

Requests like this are typical at a gun shop. He says he started the store because he wanted to make sure his neighbors and community had a place nearby to order and obtain guns, ammunition and other supplies. He purchased inventory from another business and set up shop in an unused space behind his house between Nappanee and Wakarusa. 

The shop is open in the evenings, after Yutzy gets home from his daytime job. His family is nearby, and he can help his neighbors who come by.

Yutzy’s Ammo and Optics

“I had guns as a kid and started getting more when I got married,” Yutzy says. “I always liked to shoot and calibrate guns. It was a pastime. I learned how to do more after I got the shop.”

Yutzy stocks the store with a selection of gun-related supplies such as clay pigeons for skeet shooting, cleaning supplies, batteries, flashlights and knives. He carries ammunition, rifles, pellet guns and scopes. He has guns and scopes available in the shop. Yutzy can also special-order guns, handguns and scopes based on a customer’s preference.

The answer Yutzy gave to the customer looking to keep pests away from his Martin houses was to procure a pellet gun and scope. Pellet guns are appropriate for hunting small game and birds, and for target shooting.

“They are extra accurate,” Yutzy explains, “They are less expensive and quiet.”

Pellet guns can also be considered air guns. Instead of using gun powder to fire a bullet, compressed air fires small metal pellets. Although this is similar to a BB gun, the difference is mostly found in the shape of the projectiles. In the case of a pellet gun, the projectiles are metal and resemble a shuttlecock.

Yutzy’s Ammo and Optics

When a customer comes in looking for a gun, there is information Yutzy wants to know before he makes a suggestion. He says he wants to make sure they know about gun safety and the gun they are getting. He asks what they want to use the gun for and what distance they expect to be shooting. This information helps him narrow down choices so the customer walks away with the appropriate gun for their needs.

“Depending on what they want the gun to do will determine what kind of gun is needed,” Yutzy says.

Different guns have different uses, depending on whether the guns will be used for short-range or long-range shooting. The experience of the shooter is also a factor. Some are experienced enough when it comes to firearms that they can shop for AR-15 Tactical Rifles for Sale Online and find a gun they know they will be happy with. It will also depend on what the firearm is intended to be used for, as some guns can be used in different ways.

“If you use your gun for hunting, you can use it for sport shooting too,” he says.

Another important factor to ensure accuracy is the scope.

“That is probably the most important,” Yutzy says. “Not all guns need a scope.”

Yutzy’s Ammo and Optics

Some guns come with sights on the barrel. Other shooters will add a scope to improve accuracy. It takes a little effort to sight the scope, but once it is set, it remains in place. If you’re looking for adjustable sights, I recommend these flip up sights from Ozark Armament.

Riflescopes use the same technology found in telescopes, to magnify targets in the distance. A series of lenses work together to bring a target into focus. Scopes can vary in size, style, construction and price. Because of the variations and options, having someone like Yutzy on hand to help make these decisions is an advantage his customers appreciate.

“I like being able to give people good deals,” he says. “I try to save people money. I try to sell for less.”

Yutzy’s Ammo and Optics is located at 30863 County Road 46, between Nappanee to the south and Wakarusa to the north. The shop is open in the evenings. For more information, call 574-218-1702. He suggests calling first to make sure the shop is open and that he is available.

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