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Weaver Furniture Barn Deals in Quality

Photographer / Angela Cornell

There are many words that can describe Amish-made furniture. Handcrafted. Eye catching. Durable. Elegant. Heirloom material. The list goes on. Weaver Furniture Barn, located southwest of Nappanee, displays hundreds of fantastic pieces of hand-built furniture. Their showroom, which boasts five rooms and nearly 50,000 square feet, features a wide variety of furnishings, decor and accessories for every area of the house.   

The company got its start in 1988 with Mervin and Joan Weaver, parents of the current owner, Vern Weaver. At that point, they operated it out of the basement of their home. Even then, most of their products were made by other craftsmen and finished in the Weavers’ workroom.

As the years have progressed, Vern Weaver has expanded the business with his team. Today, this hidden gem of a business sells tables and chairs, accent pieces, cupboards, plant stands, outdoor furniture and much more. 

“A lot of these [furniture pieces] are locally made,” Vern Weaver says. “We also buy from small workshops located through the midwest. We pick up unfinished furniture then bring it back and finish it here. It’s all U.S.A.-made stuff. It’s not like it’s coming out of a box somewhere.” 

To ensure the durability of the products, most of the merchandise is made from hardwoods like cherry, oak, maple and walnut. With the wide variety of stains and paints available in the workroom, there are literally hundreds of color combinations to choose from. There are also plenty of styles to choose from at the store, from plain to fancy, from Queen Anne to shabby chic. The business has something for every budget, from cash-and-carry clearance items to high-end furniture.

When a customer doesn’t know what they want, the staff is eager to help. 

“Most people come in and they don’t know what they’re looking for,” Weaver says. “They might want a new table, but they don’t have a style in mind. If they come in and they see a style that we have, then we can customize that style. That’s our niche. That’s what people come in here for – hand-built furniture that they can customize however they want.” 

Providing customizable Amish furniture isn’t the only service that Weaver and his staff offer. They also refinish and repair furniture. 

“We fix furniture that we don’t sell,” Weaver says. “We do that quite a bit. We do a lot of color matching as well. We have people come in all the time who maybe have a table that they like, but they’re looking for new chairs. They’ll bring in a table leaf and we’ll match the chairs to the table.”

Weaver and his team stay up to date on the latest home furnishing fashions as well. 

“Right now what’s in is the rustic urban look, like maybe a live-edge top with a metal base,” Weaver says.

Some of the styles the business offers include reclaimed barnwood and wormy maple.

The business offers more than just tables, kitchen furnishings and bedroom sets. 

“We try to be a complete furniture retailer,” Weaver says. “We don’t only have Amish, solid-wood furniture. We have mattresses and we have upholstery.” 

The company offers a wide range of sofa sizes in addition to office furniture, a private-label line of motion recliners, grandfather clocks and much more. 

Watching customers walk out of the store with a piece of furniture that makes them smile is the most rewarding part of the business for Weaver. 

“Finding the right thing for the customer, and having the customer be happy about their purchase and experience – that’s my favorite part, just helping people with their furniture or whatever they need,” he says. “If they’re excited or thrilled about it, that’s the best part.”

Weaver Furniture Barn is located at 6146 West 1350 North in Nappanee. View their merchandise online at weaverfurniturebarn.com, and contact them at 574-773-4826.

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