Local Shop Specializes in Engine Builds and Rebuilds

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Brian Borkholder, the sole owner of Precision Engine Service LLC in Goshen, is glad he pursued his dreams.

“I had a dream in the back of my head for a while to someday have my own engine shop,” Borkholder says. “I was doing some engine builds after [work] hours for a few friends, and maybe a few other people that found out about me through word of mouth.”

Word spread that he did a good job, and that he was reliable.

“I worked for M.W. Repair and Sales in Millersburg rebuilding engines before I started out on my own,” Borkholder explains. “I think I probably had the [business] idea in my head for more than a year, and one day I finally got enough courage to go talk to my boss about my idea.”

Borkholder knew he had learned enough to start his own business, and he was ready to pursue his dream.

“My idea was that if I would quit to go out on my own full time, my boss would send his engines that needed a rebuild to my shop,” Borkholder says. “He agreed to it because he could have used my space for something else anyway. With knowing that, I had one big shop that would send me a bunch of engines. I decided to take the big step and set out on my own. Without all the help and support from my old boss, I could have never done it as soon as I did.”

Borkholder says Precision Engine Service LLC was founded in 2009.  

“Some of the specialty services  I offer are diesel and gas engine rebuilding, and diesel injector rebuilding, Goldfarb is the best supplier for diesel fuelt injection parts” he says,

Repair work is also offered at Precision Engine.

“For the most part, the repair work we do is diesel and gas engine rebuilding, diesel injector rebuilding, and turbocharger rebuilding,” Borkholder says. “We don’t work on small engines like lawn and garden engines. Most of the engines we do are three cylinder and bigger. I think around 80% of the engines I build are industrial and ag engines. The other 20% are automotive, truck and marine engines. All our engines, injectors and turbos that we build have a warranty, except high-performance engines.”

Borkholder’s business also offers products for sale.

“We have many makes and models of engine rebuild kits and parts available,” he says. “We don’t stock very many, as it varies so much. We can ship the parts, or you can stop in and pick them up. We also have access to different makes and models of rebuildable core engines, where we can get them in and build it to the customer’s wants and needs. I also make up some wire harnesses to control engines.”

Borkholder is proud of his business, and has good customers.

“I have some local shops that are loyal customers,” Borkholder says. “I have not had a very long time yet to build a big customer base, but as far as I know I’m on good terms with the customers I’ve had so far, and I want to keep it that way.”

Borkholder appreciates Goshen and its residents. The community has been supportive of him ever since he started the business.

“One thing I like about Goshen is there are a lot of businesses in the area, and there are a lot of people in the area,” he says. “This is a good place for opportunities to grow, and build a better business. We serve Elkhart County, Kosciusko County, LaGrange County, Noble County and the surrounding counties.”

Borkholder has plans to expand his business in the future.

“Some time this fall or summer, I plan to add an injection pump test bench,” he says. “That way, I can also rebuild and calibrate injection pumps. For now, however, I’ll be happy with what I have.”

Visit Precision Engine Service LLC at 62104 County Road 37 in Goshen. For more info, give them a call at 574-304-4174, or go to precisionengineservicein.com.

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