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Local Pet Shop Offers Full Line of Supplies & Small Animals

Photography Provided

Janet Zimmer, owner of Paws and Claws & Company in Warsaw, strives to follow the golden rule in the operation of her business.

“We really try to treat people as we would like to be treated,” Zimmer says. “Customer service is our main goal. We never push a product on someone, or try to sell someone more than they really need. We love to show new products to our customers, and hopefully they will want to try them as well.”

The store has grown substantially since it opened more than 35 years ago.

“The business started in the back half of the old Ski Hut building as a grooming shop on Center Street here in Warsaw,” Zimmer says. “It didn’t take long [to build the business], and customers were asking for supplies and pets.”

At that point, Zimmer decided it was time to expand the store.

“We rented the front half of the building and added small animals and birds,” Zimmer says. “Next, we rented the rather dingy basement and added tropical fish.”

Customers kept coming back for more animals, birds and supplies.

“After five years, we built the existing store on Market Street,” Zimmer says. “The community has always been very supportive, and hopefully we have returned that support over the years.”

Zimmer has never regretted her decision to open Paws and Claws.

“I was working at a local factory and realized that wasn’t for me,” she says. “I always had a love for animals, so this seemed like a perfect fit.”

Paws and Claws has a wide variety of choices for customers.

“We have a large selection of animal treats and natural chews, including many rawhide alternatives,” Zimmer says. “We also carry CBD treats to help animals with hip and joint issues. “We carry many brands of pet foods and treats, and we only sell brands that have healthy ingredients. We have food for all stages of your pet’s life, and foods that help with things like allergies and sensitive stomachs.”

Paws & Claws currently offers a frequent-buyer program that applies to many of the foods Zimmer carries.

“After purchasing so many bags you get one free,” Zimmer says. “We also keep track of that for you.”

Zimmer’s pet toys are also popular.

“We have all sorts of toys including enrichment toys that stimulate your pet’s mind,” she says. “Bored dogs can be destructive, and these toys help keep them occupied.”

The fish for sale at Paws and Claws have been a calming pet choice for many customers.

“We sell tropical fish – right now we have them closed down – and they can be very relaxing to watch,” Zimmer says. “I prefer any of the barb fish. They are more active. We also sell lots of crickets and worms for reptiles. We have reptile supplies, as well as small-animal supplies.”

Zimmer has grown to appreciate her Paws and Claws staff.

“I am fortunate to have a very dedicated staff,” Zimmer says. “Two have been here for over fifty years combined. That’s hard to find anymore.”

Paws and Claws & Company is located at 1801 East Market Street in Warsaw. You can give them a call at 574-267-2338 or visit them online at pawsandclawsandcompany.net.

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