Syracuse Company Provides Multiple Water Products and Solutions

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Water is one of our most basic needs as humans. Our bodies are made up of approximately 60% water, and we spend a surprising amount of time interacting with it on a daily basis. We bathe in it, drink it, cook with it, and even find great entertainment playing in it on hot afternoons. In recent years, many health organizations have stressed the importance of having cleaner water than municipal water options.

Two reasons why municipal water can be considered substandard are the existence of aged, rundown water pipes, and the addition of chemicals like fluoride.

High-quality, pure water does more than underscore the difference between water that has a satisfying taste and the kind that makes you wish you had a soda instead. It means that your water isn’t overloaded with limescale-creating minerals like calcium and magnesium. The quality of your water also affects your body. The benefits of drinking pure water can include healthier skin, sleep improvement, better food digestion and absorption, higher mental acuity, and effective nutrient transportation.

Until the early 1990s, Mike Chesnut worked with the Warsaw municipal water department, and he clearly understands water conditions. After resigning from his position, Chesnut decided to start his own water-treatment company, One Call Water, to serve residential, commercial and industrial areas.

“I started One Call Water because of the quality of the water in this area – hard, rusty water,” Chesnut says. “We want to provide the best quality water for all our customers.”

Initially, Chesnut and his wife Margaret ran the business out of their home. It quickly outgrew that location, so the Chesnuts moved the business to a shop in Syracuse and eventually purchased a building a few miles south of that location, near Conklin Bay.

It proved to be a beneficial location for all of their services, which include water softener rental as well as delivery of salt and bottled water.

“It has grown from a startup business to selling and renting softeners and drinking-water systems, reverse osmosis systems and reverse-osmosis equipment, and iron and sulfur filters,” Chesnut says.

To date, One Call Water has a service-area radius of 100 miles from the company office, encompassing areas like Fort Wayne, Wabash, Plymouth and everywhere in between.

Chesnut’s desire – and highest satisfaction – comes from making his customers happy.

“My favorite part of the business is our customers,” he says. “We have made a lot of friends over the years.”

Whether they get a call from a longtime customer or a potential customer looking to improve the quality of their water, the One Call Water staff’s ultimate goal is to provide the best possible service.

“We provide a quick response to each and every customer’s need in a timely manner, and with a competitive price,” Chesnut says.

The company always strives to provide not only the best service, but also the best products.

“We partnered with Hague Quality Water in Columbus, Ohio, for their patented water-treatment systems,” Chesnut says. “While most other companies are assemblers of water softeners, Hague is a manufacturer from the ground up, and is all American made. They have a unique system that is not sold by any other supplier.”

Regardless of the issue, the company’s products are made to solve any water problem. Their WaterMax treatment systems can be customized for city or well water. They also have systems that address specific problems like excess iron, extreme hardness, or dirt and sediment issues. The company can also neutralize acid and sulfur odors.

Depending on the customer’s needs and desires, they can apply filters to a single faucet or to a whole house.

One Call Water is located at 11875 North State Road 13 in Syracuse. Read up on all of their products and services at For more information and to schedule a free quote, give them a call at 574-457-5006.

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