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Moore & Moore Excavating Offers Quality Work and Reliable Customer Service

Photography Provided

David Moore, owner of Moore & Moore Excavating in Cromwell, says high-quality work and great customer service are the keys to any long-running, successful business.

“We used to run a yellow pages ad, but I recently cancelled it because we didn’t need it anymore,” Moore says. “We have reached a point where our positive word of mouth from satisfied customers has really helped us get more business. That’s really a great place to be.”

Moore & Moore Excavating was founded by Moore’s father Gearold in 1971.

“We have done a lot of concrete work,” Moore says. “We really do a lot of excavating work, and we do great seawalls.”

Moore notes that customers have largely been happy with his company’s tree removal, foundation and driveway work.

“We have also received repeat business on dirt gravel work and top-dirt fill,” he says. “We pay attention to everything to make sure it is done right.”

The Moore & Moore staff has also completed a great deal of work on septic tanks.

“A lot of times the problem with a septic tank is the filter bed,” Moore says. “We can put in a new one, and take care of everything.”

Moore says his staff has also constructed rock walls by hand.

“It’s hard work,” he says. “It’s also very rewarding, and we do a good job. We do our best all the time, and that’s how we have been able to have a good livelihood.”

Moore has been a part of the family business for as long as he can remember.

“My dad was a semi-truck driver before he started Moore & Moore Excavating, and he has loved this business,” Moore says. “He has really gotten to know the community, and we have made sure our work was high quality so people would tell their family and friends to use us.”

The Moore family initially moved to the Cromwell area to make pontoon boats.

“A lot of the family, including two of my brothers, moved to this area because there are a lot of lakes in the area, and we thought this would be great for a pontoon boat business,” Moore says. “We got out of that and went into excavating.”

Moore says he and his family appreciate the residents in Cromwell.

“There are a lot of really good people to work with here,” Moore says. “People help each other out, they are very nice, and they appreciate the work we do.”

Moore says Moore & Moore Excavating has not been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak that hit the U.S. starting earlier this year.

“We work by ourselves so much, and we are outside all of the time, so it really hasn’t made a difference,” Moore says.

Moore & Moore Excavating is located at 9787 East 1050 North in Cromwell. You can give them a call at 574-518-2224.

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