What were some of your father’s favorite dishes, and where did he prefer to eat his meals? Did you sit around a kitchen table and talk about your day? Maybe he ate in the living room while watching his favorite television program. It could have been a show that the whole family enjoyed. If so, what did he watch? Do you find yourself still preparing the same kind of dishes for you or your own family? Did your father tell you to eat all your vegetables because they were good for you? Even those round canned peas you didn’t like so much. What about barbecues outside? Perhaps you are thinking of your dad cooking over the grill to make hamburgers and hot dogs, probably smelling like smoke, but you were getting excited because you knew the food was going to be done soon. Yes, there are definitely certain smells and fragrances that can remind us of our dads.

One of my fond memories is that my father would take each kid out individually for a Coke. We could sit and visit him with no interruptions from other siblings. I could talk to him about anything that was on my mind, and know I had his full attention, maybe even his advice. I really looked forward to this special time with my dad. He took out all six children, rotating each kid every Sunday. To this day I still love to go out – except now it’s coffee instead of Coke – and just sit and talk about what is on my mind. Whether it’s a big issue or nothing too exciting, it’s something I still look forward to.

Father’s Day can bring about many different feelings. The memories can be exclusively positive, but not necessarily for everyone. For some, thinking of their dad only stirs up sadness. Others may not have had a father in their lives at all. Still, there is the possibility that your father is no longer here and you just miss him deeply

As a child hanging out with your dad, maybe he was a superhero, someone you looked up to, flawless and never seeming to make any mistakes. Of course when you are older you find out that they are human like the rest of us. Still, for the most part, you think they’re pretty fabulous. Maybe he worked really hard to take care of the family – day shift, night shift, long hours in the office or at a factory. He could have even been on the road driving a big truck, making sure there were always clothes to wear so you stayed warm in the winter and cool in the summer. There was food on the table to eat.

It is nice to see how I have taken some of these memories and made them my own. My mother used to make tapioca pudding for my dad and he really liked it. She is no longer here, so for Father’s Day I make him homemade tapioca pudding and he absolutely loves it. It’s just a small way to show him that I love him. Isn’t it funny how food can be used to show someone you care? It’s a way to bring friends and family together. Food is so much more than just nourishment. It’s a way of connecting with other people and having a good time doing it.

If you need some ideas for making this Father’s Day special, please drop by New Kitchen Store at 1100 Roosevelt Road in Walkerton, and we’ll be here to help. You can also call us at 574-586-2745. We have gift ideas as well as special foods and dip mixes. Happy Father’s Day!

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