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Reinholt’s Town Square Furniture Offers a History of High Quality

Photographer / Elizabeth Hubbard

Reinholt'sReinholt’s Town Square Furniture in Warsaw has a rich history as a destination for high-quality furniture.

Brent Reinholt, one of several family members working at the store, says the history of Reinholt’s goes back a long way.

“My grandpa opened our original furniture store in Knox, Indiana, in 1936,” Reinholt says. “My dad, Donald, began working there in 1960. My uncle joined in 1966. By 1980 this store in a small community ceased being a two-family business, and talks began about making a change. My dad made contact with Dick Glover here in Warsaw, and a deal was struck to purchase Glover Furniture at the end of 1981.”

Reinholt’s son Steven now works as a fourth-generation family member at the store. This year Reinholt and his staff celebrate their 38th year in business – although technically the company has been around a lot longer.

Reinholt’s brother Keith graduated from college in 1982, and started working at the store part-time while teaching at a middle school and coaching high school football.

“In 1984 (Keith) left teaching to work full-time here at the store,” Reinholt says. “He was able to continue coaching football despite not being a teacher, which was pretty rare at the time. I graduated from college in 1990 and worked in accounting for a short time, and then sales. In 1993 I came back to the furniture store for good.”

Steven graduated from Warsaw High School in 2015, and attended Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana.

Reinholt thinks of business like he thinks of a clock.

“All you see is the face – in our case a furniture store,” he says. “But underneath it all is a bunch of gears with different roles coming together to accomplish a single purpose.”

Reinholt believes what makes his family business unique is its longevity.

Reinholt's“Four generations into a family business is fairly unique these days,” he says. “I think there are a couple of good reasons why we have stood the test of time. The first is that we were led by example. We saw dad work – not just be here, but actually dig in, solve problems, find answers, make sacrifices and stay committed. He taught us not just to put in the time, but to be productive during the time we put in.”

When it comes to mattresses, Reinholt’s has many options from the Tempur Sealy company, which offers Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, and Stearns & Foster products.

“Over the past five years or so, we’ve seen a big shift to adding an adjustable base,” Reinholt says. “This gives you the option to raise your head, and to open up your airway for better breathing and deeper sleep through the night. It also allows you to raise your legs to help you relax, and take stress away from your lower back. We believe that finding the right comfort from the mattress along with the right body position on the base gives you the perfect recipe for a more restful, productive night of sleep.”

Reinholt has his own personal favorite pieces of furniture.

“I’m partial to dual adjustable bases with a king-size bed,” he says. “My wife and I have had this setup for several years, where we each control our half of the bed.”

Reinholt adds that the ultimate compliment is a repeat customer.

“It shows that you helped them and they appreciate it,” he says. “We do our best to treat customers the way we would want to be treated.”

Reinholt’s Town Square Furniture is located at 118 West Main Street in Warsaw. Call 574-267-5940 and visit reinholtsfurniture.com to learn more.


[…] Photographer / Elizabeth Hubbard […]

March 31, 2020 at 5:01 am

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