A Few Culinary Concepts to Enhance Your Valentine’s Day

Story & Photography Provided by New Kitchen Store

How do you show someone that you love or care for them on Valentine’s Day? The most traditional approach during the Valentine’s holiday involves giving chocolates, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, candy and cards. Some couples like to go out to dinner and have a nice time on the town. Then there are those who prefer to stay in. That way they’re not fighting traffic or bad weather.Valentine’s Day

If staying in is the thing for you, here’s a great way of showing that special person that you’re thinking of them by cooking, or maybe baking a beautiful red-velvet Bundt cake. At New Kitchen Store we have a gorgeous, gold-colored, beautifully designed Nordic Ware Bundt pan. No matter what type of cake mix you use, whether homemade or from a box, you are sure to dazzle any person you have in mind with this pan.

For Valentine’s Day we decided to use red velvet for our cake mix. Once we put the mix in the pan, be sure to add a little oil and flour (so the cake doesn’t stick to the pan when it is finished), bake and cool. After that, there really isn’t much left to do. Find a pretty plate and doily to put the cake on. Then drizzle it with white icing and you can’t go wrong.

If red velvet is not the flavor for you, that’s OK. Chocolate or vanilla work just as well. To be honest, any flavor is fine. With this particular pan it will all look divine.

At the end of the day, what matters is what comes from your heart. The Bundt cake is just one idea to give you a start. What we are all looking for is somewhat the same. We want to be loved, and that’s more important than money or fame.

Valentine’s DayIf baking cakes is not for you, there’s something else with this pan you can do. Find some red jello and whipped cream for a start. Put it in this pan and set it in the refrigerator. When it is set, put it on a plate like the cake. Your family will be impressed and say, “Wow, what did you make?”

Cake, jello – whatever you choose, what you’re really saying is, “You’re special in so many ways. I bake to show you I love you. I bake to show you I care. With all the many people in this world, you are the one who is there.”

So, you don’t have to be a great cook to bake from the heart. We at New Kitchen Store are here to encourage and give you a start. Yes, Valentine’s Day can be fun and dreamy – come by our store and you’ll catch our meaning. Bundt cakes, muffin pans and pie plates too – there’s so much to look at, you will have fun just walking through. To the husband searching for a gift for his wife, we have lots to choose from – items she’ll find nice. Ladies, there are things for the man. Cast-iron knives and barbecue items too. There will be someone there to help you make a choice. If browsing is for you, that’s great too.

Now back to the Bundt cake for our Valentine’s plan – it will sure look pretty when it is put on a cake stand. Maybe add some ice cream garnished with a flower or two. Whatever you add, that’s totally up to you. What is important is that you baked it with care.

New Kitchen Store is located at 330 Liberty Street in Walkerton. For more info, call 574-586-2745 or visit newkitchenstore.com.Valentine’s Day

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