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Brian Tomlinson, with Circle City Cryogenics, an Indianapolis company that cryogenically freezes anti-embolism stockings to help cancer patients, says the company has been helping many people since it started.

The work that Circle City Cryogenics does has also been a source of comfort and stability since it began as a subdivision of another company.

“Tom Dunn owns Circle City Heat Treating,” Tomlinson says. “Circle City Cryogenics is a Division of Circle City Heat Treating, which has been in business since 1952. I started the cryogenics division in 2012. I am the head of sales and marketing for both.”

Circle City Cryogenics also treats auto parts for race car teams.

“We cryogenically treat engine blocks, all engine components, transmissions, ring and pinion sets, even spark plugs,” Tomlinson says. “We do this from Go-Karts racers, to boat racers to motorcycles, and dirt track racers, all the way up to NHRA Drag Racing Teams. Don Schumacher Racing was gracious enough to write us a nice testimonial.”

Circle City Cryogenics has also received positive praise from cancer patients for the work they do cryogenically freezing embolism stockings for cancer patients.

“Anti-embolism stockings are designed to promote healthy blood flow and prevent blood clotting,” Tomlinson says. “Patients have told us they are stronger and last longer. They do not snag and run like they used to. Our cryogenic process is saving them money.”

It also gives cancer patients long-term benefits.

“Our cryogenic process at 300 degrees below zero significantly improves the wear resistance and strength of parts, resulting in dramatically longer wear life,” Tomlinson says. “Any metal that is formed is full of stress. Our cryogenic process stress relieves metal and some plastics making them stronger.”

Tomlinson adds that cryogenics also helps businesses.

“It improves the dimensional stability, helping to lower the operating and maintenance costs of large and small businesses,” Tomlinson says.

Tomlinson believes the future of Cryogenics is strong.

“When people first hear the word cryogenics, they think we have Ted Williams and Walt Disney frozen from all the sci-fi shows on TV,” Tomlinson says. “We don’t freeze bodies.”

Cryogenics does save people a lot of money, according to Tomlinson.

“The more people learn about cryogenic processing, they find all the different ways it can save them money,” Tomlinson says. “From the everyday razor blade to lawnmower blades and gun barrels. We do this for as many individuals as we do large and small companies and municipalities.”

Tomlinson adds that Circle City has also taken care of fishing lines, golf clubs, golf balls, baseball bats and gun barrels to increase their quality. He said they also last longer and their accuracy is improved.

Tomlinson notes that Dave Johnson with the Greenwood Fire Department has been using their cryogenic process on equipment to save the City of Greenwood, and taxpayers, money for at least the last 10 years.

“We also do this for Indianapolis IFD, Beech Grove and many other Fire Departments around Indiana,” Tomlinson says.

Positive word of mouth has spread about the company.

“A farmer dropped off some parts a couple of weeks ago and brought a pair of his blue jeans wanting to see if it made them stronger,” Tomlinson says. “When I posted the picture on our Facebook page, doctors and nurses started calling and wanting us to test their scrubs. They’re going through a ton of them because of COVID-19. Matt Ferrell with Purdue Polytechnic in Columbus, Indiana will be doing the testing.”

To find out more about Circle City Cryogenics, visit them online at or give them a call at 317-440-9102. Circle City Cryogenics is located at 2243 Massachusetts Ave in Indianapolis.

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