Indy CD & Vinyl Means So Much More

Writer / Kara Reibel

Indy CD & Vinyl is full of surprises. Owners Annie and Andy Skinner, along with partner Eric Davis, have created a fun, family environment where you can shop for vinyl and CDs, watch a concert, or bring your kids for fun events.

“When we bought the shop last January, we wanted to put our own personal expression into the store,” says Annie, who has managed the store for the past 15 years. “We already loved the store, but wanted to make some cosmetic changes to enhance the customer experience.”

Given that Annie is an experiential designer, the remodeling was natural for her. “Fun is our modus operandi,” she said. “The shop must be fun.” An experiential design incorporates the senses with movement, flow and visual elements. Posters were removed from the windows, allowing in more light, the aisles were widened, and the stage was enlarged for events and for kids to play.

“We have families that come in and shop together,” said Annie. “Parents feel comfortable with their kids in here while they search for music.” The Skinners have lived in the Broad Ripple area for a long time, adding a new music fan to their family last year, their 18-month-old son, Liam.

The last Sunday of each month is a family event for all ages, featuring Mr. Daniel. The festivities start at 3 p.m. with a playdate atmosphere. The kids are first engaged in a craft project such as spin art, and the performance is from 4 – 5 p.m. Mr. Daniel provides instruments for kids ages 6-months to 5-years-old to play along. Due to the holidays, mark your calendars for his next performance at the end of January.

The list of bands that have performed at Indy CD & Vinyl is extensive. Performances of groups normally coincides with a concert and promotion elsewhere, and adds a nice visit to a record shop as part of their tour.

“Annie and I make up A-squared, a promotions company,” says Andy. Sometimes the artists are their clients, and all of the groups enjoy the shop. “We are members of the CIMS, Coalition of Independent Music Stores, which promotes a grass roots, local feel for patrons of music stores,” says Andy.

Patrons who share an affinity for vinyl, are not necessarily vintage enthusiasts. The resurgent popularity of vinyl is influenced by many factors. One factor is the richer sound experience with an LP, and there is something undeniably nostalgic about a record. Perhaps it is the tactile experience of holding a vinyl album that adds a tangible element that is not achieved with CDs and digital downloads. And surprisingly, many of the new buyers of vinyl are too young to recall the switch to CDs.

“Staying power – this is what vinyl has proven with the recent 800 percent increase in sales over the last couple of years,” says Annie. That statistic may be a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much.

With a steady turnover of their inventory, Indy CD & Vinyl buys a lot of vinyl LPs. “We have two vinyl buyers on staff, so one or both of them are always here to help our customers,” says Annie.

Blending into the local retail and music scene, Indy CD & Vinyl is indicative about what makes Broad Ripple a destination, it’s local focus. The shop feels like a community center, revolving around the love for music.

Visit for additional information on events.

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