After operating a successful practice in Shelbyville since 1995, Dr. Daniel Bowersox expanded into Louisville last October. With more than 25 years of experience, including training some of the top optometric talent in the area, Dr. Bowersox has created a unique, full-service practice with Bowersox Vision Center.

“We are not your normal eye doctor office,” Dr. Bowersox says.

Aside from offering general exams, Bowersox Vision Center is one of just 12 private practices in the nation that has an accredited binocular vision, pediatrics and neuro visual rehab post-doctoral residency. They are one of five practices in the state that can do neuro-optometry and have a vision therapy department with two nationally certified therapists.

What does this mean for patients? In short, access to world-class care and life-changing vision therapy in your own backyard. Bowersox Vision Center offers specialty eye care including vision therapy, vision rehab and sports vision.

Children struggling with reading or learning may be suffering from an underlying vision disorder that can’t be corrected with glasses or contacts. Through vision therapy sessions, both children and adults can be treated for common conditions such as strabismus (eye turn) and amblyopia (lazy eye) that can affect reading and comprehension.

As business partners, Drs. Young and Bowersox also do a lot of work with the neuro rehab community in Louisville, working closely with the Brain Injury Alliance. In a video shared to the center’s Facebook page on December 20, a patient named Kayla, who suffered a traumatic brain injury after being kicked in the head by a horse, demonstrates the benefits of vision rehab.

“She was frustrated because she struggled with walking for months after the accident,” Dr. Bowersox says.

The video shows Kayla walking down a hallway, struggling to take more than a couple of steps without keeping her head down or grasping the wall for support. She says the floor looks mountainous, and that she cannot see Dr. Bowersox’s face, who is standing just a few feet in front of her.

After putting on a pair of prism glasses that were specially designed by the Bowersox Vision Center team after consulting with Kayla as part of vision rehab, she proceeds to walk down the same hallway with total confidence. The huge smile on her face at the end says more than words ever could.

“It’s absolutely life-changing what we’ve been able to do with our patients,” Dr. Bowersox says. “Other doctors often refer to us for neurological problems and unusual binocular vision problems. We can fix those problems and send them back to their regular doctor.”

Bowersox Vision Center can even work with athletes interested in improving their hand-eye coordination to further excel in their sport of choice. Sports vision training involves high-level eye tracking, depth perception and hand-eye coordination exercises to improve reaction and timing without the use of glasses.

“Vision therapy, vision rehab and sports vision sound different, but they all use the same skillset,” Dr. Bowersox adds. “We just have to adapt the treatment to the person and their needs.”

“The Louisville office, located at 3701 Hopewell Road just off the Gene Snyder at Taylorsville Rd., offers a therapy area featuring virtual reality simulators, fitness equipment like the Nike Sparq sports vision training system. BVC also has special retinal cameras that decrease the need for eye dilation during many exams. There is even a machine that operates similar to ultrasound technology but instead uses light to produce a 3D graph or photo of the patient’s retina.

“It’s absolutely staggering what these technologies can do,” Dr. Bowersox says.

As a child, Dr. Bowersox had a vision abnormality that required surgery. The surgical results were poor and wound up causing life-long problems. That experience ended up shaping his life and career.

“Learning was difficult for me because my eyes didn’t line up,” he says. “That’s what led me to optometry.”

The training and development of other budding optometrists have also become an important part of Dr. Bowersox’s career. The center is about to host its seventh optometry resident, and they recently had their 50th intern from the Indiana University School of Optometry for a three-month rotation.

Whether you need a general eye exam or treatment for a condition that requires an in-depth diagnosis, the team at Bowersox Vision Center is ready to provide you with the undivided attention necessary to craft a personalized treatment plan.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, visit or call 502-398-3937.

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