Student Spotlight: Raegan Kingdon

Eighth Grader Raegan Kingdon Demonstrates Strong Leadership Qualities

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Raegan Kingdon, an eighth grader at Westfield Middle School, recently became a National Junior Honors Society member and a leader of the school’s Dance Marathon.Raegan Kingdon

She’s proud of her achievements and says she enjoyed the challenges it presented. “I was nominated to become a National Junior Honor Society Student by a teacher at school,” Kingdon says. “I then filled out an application and was later accepted. I am now fulfilling my service hours and will be inducted into National Honor Society at the end of my eighth grade year.”

Kingdon enjoys her schoolwork.

“I enjoy English and Social Studies the most because they push me to think deeper and look at our society differently,” Kingdon says.

Kingdon also spent a lot of time on the school’s dance marathon for kids at Riley Hospital.

“The dance marathon is organized into divisions that are student run and self-managed,” she says. “I was a part of the division called Event Operations. We made sure everything was happening the right way and coordinated everything happening with the event.”

The middle school dance marathon was on December 9, 2022, in the middle school stage and gym area.

“We were self-led for the event, and we led the way and did almost everything by ourselves besides picking up pizza for the event,” Kingdon says. “We were able to see what it takes to put on an event, and it was really cool to be able to all work as a team and not have a teacher telling us what to do but be able to do what we think was best for the event.”

Kingdon put a lot of work and effort into the dance marathon.

“My main duty was getting food donations for all the attendees but  I also made the wagon trophy for the winning team and helped organize the games and crafts,” she says. “When the night of the dance marathon came, I helped set up and made sure the stations ran smoothly, talked in the microphone, announced the winner and handed the trophy to them as well.”

Kingdon also enjoyed helping other people.

Raegan Kingdon“I put a lot of time and energy into the dance marathon because I knew that it was for a cause much bigger than myself and everyone around,” she says. “Knowing a few of these Riley kids and watching them fight their battles was one of the reasons I wanted to help so much. We raised $3,500 for the kids at Riley Hospital.”

Kingdon was proud of their efforts.

“To see everyone come together to support childhood cancer is really an awesome thing, especially when kids don’t get very much funding, or research funding,” she says. “Being a part of the Dance Marathon executive team is something I will never forget. We were able to put on a two- hour event that is going to (combined with the high school students’ fund-raising total) help give kids that are fighting the unimaginable have a better chance. “

Volleyball Player

Kingdon also plays volleyball.

“This is my second year playing for the Academy at Grand Park Volleyball Club,” she says. “We have had two tournaments so far, and have had a silver bracket win in Louisville, Kentucky, and then competed in the gold bracket at our most recent tournament at the Grand Park Event Center.”

School Activities

Kingdon is also involved in other school activities.

“I am a football manager for the Westfield Middle School football team,” she says. “I have done it for the last two years. I first started doing it in the seventh grade and then continued to be the manager in eighth grade. I have been invited by a coach to continue at the high school next year. The atmosphere and culture of Westfield football is unmatched and makes everyone want to be a part of it.”

Kingdon is also part of the Northview Eighth Grade Girls Youth Group at the Westfield campus and regularly attends the Sunday group gathering at the campus.Raegan Kingdon

“I am a five-year, 4-H member at the Elkhart County 4-H County Fair, and I show Dairy Feeder steers, Swine (pigs), and I also do woodworking and sewing.”

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