Mother-Daughter Duo Open New Full-Service Salon & Spa In Westfield

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Mother and daughter, Sheri Ikerd and Madelyn Heffelmire, were traveling together in another city with plans to indulge in a day of pampering. They sought to book facials, massages, manicures and hair treatments and found that to do so they had to go to the hassle of driving to four separate venues.

“Mom and I turned to each other and said, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place back home where clients could go for all the treatments?” Heffelmire says.

Though Ikerd is a part-time nurse practitioner at Riverview Health, she loved the idea of going into business with her daughter, who has a background in marketing. Ikerd started searching for a space and stumbled upon the perfect 2,500 sq. ft. location on East Main Street in Westfield.

“It’s not huge, but it’s comfortable and quaint,” Ikerd says.

Located in the historical district in a building that once housed an art gallery, the beautiful open space has 100-year-old floors with updates that include adding gold accents throughout.

In August, Collective Beauty Salon & Spa opened its doors. The name reflects not only the concept of offering all services collectively under one roof but also depicts the inclusivity they invite.

“Everyone is welcome here. We won’t turn anyone away,” Heffelmire says.

Guests have commented that when they step inside, they feel at home, and that’s just what the mother-daughter duo likes to hear.

Ikerd has found that the services she provides at her hospital job are, in many ways, the same she delivers at the salon & spa.

“People want to feel welcomed, appreciated and heard,” Ikerd says. “They also want to build relationships and be treated well. I’ve had patients tell me that they appreciate their time with me, and I think our clients at Collective Beauty feel the same.”

The mother-daughter pair are especially relishing their new business venture because when Heffelmire was growing up, her and her mom’s schedules rarely aligned. As a result, they would try to find days where they could relax together at a salon or spa getting their nails or hair done.

“It’s always been a time we used to bond and catch up on each other lives so to come full circle and be working in a salon with her and getting to see her every day is so special,” Heffelmire says.

One of the main things that sets Collective Beauty apart is that they are technically a med spa, which means they offer not just hair and aesthetic treatments but also Botox and filler.

“Oftentimes med spas focus on filler and facials and expect clients to go to a separate salon for hair,” explains Heffelmire, noting that at Collective Beauty they offer “facial balancing,” which is essentially making small adjustments to one’s face so that it looks more proportionate.

“People are loving it,” Heffelmire says.

The spa uses a natural filler for Botox and carries Pureology Perfumes and vegan skincare brands. “Everything we use is top of the line,” she adds.

The owners are also extremely selective about who they hire. Their licensed professional team is made up of master, expert and senior stylists, estheticians and massage therapists.

“Our staff members are genuine people with big hearts,” Ikerd says. “They care about their clients and are super passionate about their industry.”

Prior to opening Collective Beauty, Heffelmire worked as a dog trainer.

“What I loved about that career, aside from playing with dogs, was the way people let me into their lives so that I could do something to make their lives better,” she says. “I think that clients coming into the salon are looking for the same thing — someone to listen to them and help them with things they may be feeling insecure about, whether that’s gray hair or skincare conditions.”

Mostly, they strive to empower women.

“We’re all about doing anything we can to help people feel more confident and secure,” Heffelmire says.

“This has been such a fun project getting this up and going,” Ikerd adds. “I like the anticipation of what lies ahead.”

Open seven days a week, Collective Beauty Salon & Spa is located on 136 East Main St. in Westfield. For more information, call 317-399-7872 or visit them online at

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