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Meet Plainview Tennis Center’s New Tennis Pro, Matthew Mathes

Writer: Shannon Evanko

It’s the age-old question, “If you truly love it, is it really work?”

For Plainview Tennis Center’s new tennis pro, Matthew Mathes, work and play are one in the same.

Growing up in the east end, Mathes doesn’t remember a time in his life without tennis. His family loved and played the game as long as he can remember. Having a chance to show his love of the game day-in and day-out at  Plainview Tennis Center is the perfect opportunity for Mathes. If you need help learning to play, visit Tennisinformation for some tips.

“I grew up wanting to be a teacher,” Mathes says. “Teaching the sport I love is the perfect mix of my two passions.”

Mathes’ wealth of knowledge and experience are an asset for anyone looking to learn the game or perfect their craft. Matthew is a five-time adult USTA state champion, two-time Southern Sectional Champion/National Level Participant, and he played tennis at Indiana University Southeast. Along with his titles, his experience includes a wealth of knowledge he acquired while working under Nick Bollettieri at Nick Bollettieri’s Tennis Academy in Bradenton, Fl. — one of the greatest academies for tennis in the United States, according to Mathes.

“I credit a lot of my success in the sport to Nick Bollettieri,” Mathes says. “While I worked at his tennis academy in Florida, I admired his passion and love for the game. I admired his unwavering love for the sport throughout his life, and I grew to love the game so much that it was no longer work.”

While Mathes enjoyed his time in Florida, he was happy to return to Louisville and settle down. He is now married with four kids, ages eight, six, five and three.

“I love teaching my kids, as well.” Mathes says. “They all play tennis and enjoy hitting around as a family.”

The Plainview Tennis Center is a beautiful tennis facility hidden in east end of Louisville. According to Mathes, it’s a great facility with a terrific reputation. Mathes saw an opportunity to include a younger audience in tennis and knew the community desired to add to their available programs. He met with the Plainview team, who wanted the same thing: to bring in opportunities for tennis at all ages, from three-year-olds to seniors. Now there’s something for all ages and all levels.

As a tennis pro, Mathes is tasked with creating programming while promoting and marketing himself until he gains students. Once he has students, he is planning and progressing with each student, individually, depending on their level.

“Every lesson could be totally different and bring a completely new challenge,” Mathes says. “I love that.”

For Mathes, his playing experience gives him helpful feedback for his students, knowing he’s been in their shoes.

“My students knowing I’ve been where they makes me relatable,” Mathes says. “They can truly know I’ve been there.”

Out of all that he admires about the sport, Mathes appreciates the social aspect of tennis the most.

“I love interacting with people, seeing them improve, watching your students learn and hearing their feedback,” Mathes says. “It combines the physical and mental aspects more than most sports, and there’s a great joy in all of it.”

To anyone with a hint of interest in tennis, Matthew wants you to know that tennis is a sport for life.

“It doesn’t matter how old you are. You can start at any level and have leagues, teaching, the social aspect, fun and more for life,” Mathes says.

According to Mathes, Plainview Tennis Center is trying to do something a bit different. They desire to be a truly fun tennis center to go to, with music during tennis and a fun atmosphere for tennis players of all ages to come to. If you’d like to learn the ropes of the sport or improve your game, Mathes will be there to help.

The Plainview Tennis Center is open seven days a week from sun up to sundown. They have six clay courts and two hard courts open to the public.

For more information, visit jeffersontownky.com/Facilities/Facility/Details/Plainview-Tennis-Center-23 or visit them on Facebook at facebook.com/Plainview-Tennis-Center-1602564036667909/.

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