FoxGardin Family: A Fortville Favorite Coming to Geist

FoxGardin Chef/Owner Jacob Burgess and Managing Partner Toby Shelton look forward to expanding west to the Geist area with a family-friendly fare.

Seated among close friends, delicious food, and a local band playing our favorite classics, I realized FoxGardin Kitchen and Ale had quickly grown into exactly what the founders envisioned. As I enjoyed the atmosphere and indulged in my favorite FoxGardin sandwich, I also realized there were many familiar faces seated throughout the quaint Main Street restaurant, familiar faces from Geist and Fishers. Less than a year after launching, FoxGardin Kitchen and Ale was much more than a “local favorite,” it was a regionally acclaimed restaurant.

From the upstairs lounge to the inviting outdoor dining area, FoxGardin Kitchen and Ale has expanded and innovated its way to becoming a staple of Fortville’s Main Street. Indiana has made it clear – it wants more of what FoxGardin is serving.

FoxGardin Family will be taking over the Simeri’s Italian space at 104th and Olio Road.

Fortville’s newest restaurateurs are eager to meet this demand, as they will be launching a new restaurant at Geist, “FoxGardin Family.” FoxGardin Family will open in 2017 at 104th Street and Olio Road. I spoke with founding members of the FoxGardin Kitchen and Ale management team, Chef/Owner Jacob Burgess and Managing Partner Toby Shelton, to get the scoop on this exciting news:

What factors led you to open this new location?
“Ultimately, the demand and location really spoke to us. We are fortunate to be in a position where getting a reservation at FoxGardin can be difficult, so the new location can certainly help with the demand. Additionally, many of our guests live very close to the new location and have families to feed. We felt this location and opportunity could accommodate that.”

Will this location feature the same menu as FoxGardin in Fortville?
“You should expect to see a menu with a very similar influence. Certainly, keeping a scratch kitchen and local vendors will be a focus on the new menu.”

What type of environment are you planning to cultivate within this new location?
“We want to make sure the service remains at a high level. The environment should provide a little bit of everything from private dining, family dining and bar / lounge seating.”

Why do you think FoxGardin has experienced so much success in such short time?
“I think that there was a demand for a dining experience that provided great quality in a laid-back environment. We can provide a similar experience that one may get downtown Indianapolis, but with a much shorter drive.”

FoxGardin Kitchen and Ale is located on Main Street in Fortville, Indiana. For more information about FoxGardin Kitchen and Ale and FoxGardin Family, visit or call 317-485-4085.

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