Former Indiana Pacer Eddie Gill Joins Invst

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Growing has always been a part of Eddie Gill’s life. His success on the basketball court is a direct reflection of the discipline and mindset it takes to compete at the highest level. His authenticity makes him one of the most trusted faces of the Indiana Pacers reporting team, day in and day out. On top of that, he thirsts to make a difference in people’s lives.Eddie Gill

His selfless leadership and “WITWOWWOW” attitude (whatever it takes without whining while only winning), opened the door for Gill to pursue a life bigger than basketball and television. He simply wants to help people find and live the life they want.

It may sound like a movement, a mission or even a movie, but Gill’s story is live and, for our community, in-person. For nearly a decade, Gill has applied a knowledge of finance gained over a 14-year-long professional basketball career to the city of Indianapolis and his clients. Never measuring people by their checkbook or status, he identifies the same values that carried him through professional basketball in those seeking a path to financial freedom. Eddie Gill is making it happen.

Pigeonholing Gill as a financial advisor is akin to saying he played some basketball. He competed at the highest level, and his financial advising career is nothing short of it. He has taken his craft and surrounded himself with an organization that believes the rules, tools and disciplines that the wealthy use can be applied to anyone seeking to release the stress of money and find ever-elusive financial freedom.

Gill is the newest team member of Invst, one of the fastest-growing registered investment advisors (RIA) in Indiana. More on that story in a second, but it is important to state that Gill had his choice. Who wouldn’t want a seasoned point guard and financial professional? Gill aligned with a team to take his career to the next level, and he knows a little bit about finding the right fit for the passion and energy he has to give.

Indianapolis-based Invst is racking up awards and accolades across the city and the country. Included in the Best Places to Work in Indiana list by the Indiana Chamber in 2023, Invst has been the fastest-growing RIA in Indiana, and just last year, Inc. 5000 recognized them too. With a mission towards a million people living free from financial worry, it takes a special person to join the Invst team. When Gill met the team, saw the culture and experienced the process, he knew this was the place his unique ability would shine.

Eddie GillGill found his home in Invst, a whole-person-centric community engulfed in collaboration and focused on the greater good of the families it serves. Simple things like spending time understanding each client’s “why” for money, and understanding that the “why” is more important than the money itself, resonated…as did helping to align the “who’s” in clients’ financial lives. Add to that the digitized living game board known as WealthBuilder, which replaces the antiquated paper planning of the financial world, and Gill saw his bigger future as a steward of financial wellness for the families he serves.

As a point guard, Gill understood everyone’s position on the court and what each teammate needed to do at any given time. He applies that same focus to his profession. Gill believes all his clients should have their own rules around money that serve their interest. Unfortunately, he found that in most cases, that included isolation and individual product placement. That lack of comprehension and a full financial picture was literally waking Gill up at night. He had to find a way to help people get the education, guidance and counseling needed to reach their full financial potential. The goal? The freedom of time to do what clients want, with who they want, when they want, while living their own life of purpose. He knew he had to find a way to execute this. He found the Invst4Life process and knew his desire to become each family’s personal CFO was possible. It was a simple, time-tested and forward-thinking process for building a model that adapts and adjusts as life does.

Just like he used to study game tape to find the edge, Gill leaned into understanding the depth and detail of the fundamentals of cash flow – how money goes in and out of the American household. He found that most families have money falling off their balance sheet simply because of lack of organization and coordination. He also discovered that most people’s financial lives were held together with limited and piecemeal protection products bought in isolation. He began to institute a protection-first philosophy to create the much-needed peace of mind his families desired. This meant installing actual protection strategies that worked together for the clients and not just the institutions selling them.

The alignment of Gill’s playing career and his current professional career is all about accelerating. If you ever saw his first basketball step, you would understand. Defenders used to yell “help” as he blew by,  and now he is finding that he is the “help” for families seeking to overcome financial obstacles. And as he comes alongside, he is finding that his families are writing their stories. He often says history will be kind to the families he serves, because they are going to write it. He believes that the healthy family household is the secret to building a thriving community, and that potential impact wakes him up every day.Eddie Gill

A lot of what Gill learned, he found. The belief systems that light his fire are now fanned by a company that believes in the same. The philosophy to truly serve has been matched. Though simplistic, Gill and his new relationship with Invst are not common…nor are his results. So, if you are looking for a culture of investing in you, your family and your future, look no further than Eddie Gill and his newfound home at Invst.

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