New Year's Resolutions

Tips for New Year’s Resolutions

Writer / Stanley Hewson
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It’s resolution time. It’s the time of year when we look to better ourselves. The attempt to better oneself is a worthwhile pursuit.

People make these attempts through myriad ways. One of those ways is the well-known New Year’s resolution. Is there something magical about making a decision to better yourself on January 1, compared to any other time of the year? Probably not, but the symbolism behind it may provide a little something extra to help you succeed with your goals.

Regardless of what your resolution may be for 2022, it’s important to realize that there are certain things you can do to increase the probability of success. Maybe your resolution is wanting to eat better, or maybe it is to exercise more often. Maybe it’s specific to relationships. Maybe you want to be a better friend or parent. Maybe you’d like to learn a new skill, or some other bit of knowledge that will help you live your life in a more productive and meaningful way. Maybe it’s just a resolution to spend your time more wisely by watching less TV, and to spend more time with friends, more time outdoors, more time reading, and more time doing things that aren’t just an attempt to numb and distract yourself.

Whatever your resolution may be for the coming year, here are a few suggestions and tips to help you achieve those goals:

  • Set realistic goals – micro-goals that lead to your big goal. If your focus is on a goal that is too big, you’re more likely to give up. However, if you have a series of micro-goals leading up to a bigger goal, then your likelihood of persevering increases. You’ll eventually reach the big goal by focusing on all the small goals in between. Figure out what those stepping stones for your resolution are and focus on one at a time.
  • Develop external accountability through a friend or family member.
  • Strengthen your internal accountability, or grit. Grit is the biggest determining factor for whether you will succeed in your goals. Take steps to learn how to strengthen and develop grit.
  • Be here now. Reside in the present more often. Stop dwelling on past failures. Stop obsessing over how far you have to go. Make a conscious effort every day to be in the present moment, and meditate daily on what your objective is for that specific day. Don’t lose sight of why you made the resolution to begin with.
  • Stay positive. A negative mindset can derail even the most successful people. Be grateful for all the things you have, and for all the opportunities you have. Make the best of every situation as you move forward in the progress towards the achievement of your resolution.
  • Be active, both physically and mentally. With more activity comes more focus and more energy. Move your body and engage your mind. In turn, you’ll be better equipped to reach your goals.

Good luck in 2022. You’ve got this!

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