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Business Spotlight: Morning Pointe Senior Living

Choosing a senior living facility for a loved one can be one of the toughest decisions a family has to make, and the caring and knowledgeable staff at Morning Pointe Senior Living is here to help.

Celebrating its one-year anniversary in Louisville, The Lantern at Morning Pointe Alzheimer’s Center of Excellence provides unique care for individuals living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of memory loss disorders.

“We personalize our program to fit the person as an individual, it’s not a one size fits all approach,” says Sylvia Rhodes, Executive Director of the Alzheimer’s memory care community. “This personalization allows us to meet the individual’s needs overall: physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.”

Rhodes, who has a degree in social work and more than 20 years of experience in the social service field, joined Morning Pointe after interacting with the organization as a client case manager.

“The experience of being a customer to Morning Pointe before I started working here let me see who they really were and how passionate and family-oriented they are about serving the residents within their community,” she says.

Rhodes was impressed with the level of care and services provided by Morning Pointe and appreciated the home-like environment provided to residents.

“With Morning Pointe, what you see is what you get,” Rhodes says. “We are a loving community with caring staff and associates, a happy residential family.”

The Meaningful Day program offered at The Lantern focuses on the residents’ interests and life experiences, incorporating activities that promote overall wellness. Residents can participate in brain games that promote continued cognitive growth, gentle exercise, art and music programs and more.

The Lantern staff is trained on The SimpleC Companion™ and Community Connect, a cutting-edge technology that provides a variety of programs catered to each individual. The SimpleC Companion consists of rich visual cues, including family photographs and images of places and topics that are meaningful to the resident. The personalized media fosters positive memories, creates a sense of belonging and stimulates action to engage in healthy daily routines. The program can also play audio such as preferred musical pieces and personalized messages recorded by family members.

Activity boxes and memory boxes are another way for families to contribute items that have a positive connection to the resident. The activity boxes serve as great conversation starters to assist in getting to know residents, and can also be a helpful tool when a resident becomes anxious or agitated.

Families are encouraged to create a memory box for their loved one that helps assist residents in finding and locating their apartment. The box adorns the entrance to their residence, along with the apartment number and the resident’s name and can help others get to know them.

“We want something that personalizes the memory box and helps the individual as they go back to their room and see their memories,” Rhodes says.

The staff strives to provide a respectful, comfortable environment for all residents, which starts with knocking on a resident’s door before entering their apartment and asking, “May I help you with, …” This approach allows residents to be more in control of their decisions, adding more security and balance to their day-to-day.

Aligning with their mission to promote overall wellness for their residents, Morning Pointe has a well-rounded, highly-trained staff who truly care about the residents they are serving.

A nurse is on the property 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and a medical director, nurse practitioners and resident assistants are on the care team as well.

The resident assistants, who are certified nursing assistants (CNAs), help residents get ready in the morning, prompting them to brush their teeth and get dressed for the day so they can make their way to breakfast. These cues promote healthy habits, while still allowing residents to feel in control of their day.

Morning Pointe serves three meals a day to residents, providing healthy and delicious choices.

“We do dining with dignity,” Rhodes says. “The residents have a menu and the resident assistants take their order for every meal.”

Morning Pointe can also provide laundry services and offers activities throughout the day to keep residents engaged. The center offers two outings a week, which may include a scenic drive or visiting a restaurant for lunch.

“We also have a family event that takes place one evening a month,” says Rhodes, noting that the entire front line staff attends those events so they can get to know the families of the residents they serve.

“Meeting the needs of the family is so important, and we want to make sure the family is comfortable and they can trust us,” Rhodes adds. “We want this to feel like one big family because we are.”

Morning Pointe is also undergoing a big renovation of a wing in their Personal Care Community, which includes hardwood floors, kitchenettes, a new bistro dining options and an ice cream parlor.  They are accepting deposits now.

Morning Pointe Louisville is conveniently located at 4711 S Hurstbourne Parkway. For more information, or to schedule a tour of their facilities, call 502-212-5199.

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