Dr. Norman- the owner and head doctor at Modern Chiropractic & Injury Care [Photography Provided]

Modern Chiropractic & Injury Care – Jeffersontown

Dr. Mike Norman wants to give everyone who walks in his door answers. Norman, the owner and head doctor at Modern Chiropractic & Injury Care, specializes in helping people resolve the underlying issues causing their often-complex problems. There is no cookie-cutter approach here. Everyone gets individualized treatment approaches for their individual and unique problems.

“We do two things that set us apart,” Norman said. “We continually research solutions to your complex problems, and we invest in technology that will resolve painful inflammation. Many people come to us when they have been to many other doctors and have gotten nowhere. They still have this issue and it’s unacceptable to them. We take the extra time needed. We’re looking for what the other people missed. When you find what the underlying cause actually is, the solutions are easier.”

Norman is a lifelong Louisville resident, known for being creative and helping people find alternative solutions for even the most difficult patients. He attended the University of Kentucky and graduated from the Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina, in 2002. With over 20 years of experience, Norman aims to offer a different perspective, even for those who have been to other chiropractors before.

“That’s really where we shine – finding out where the issues are,” Norman said. “That’s where my niche is. When you say chiropractor, you get a certain idea in your head on what that means. I’m not the guy who is twisting and popping everyone. We also use instruments that are a low-force, safe way to treat people and get mobility back to the spine. We treat people after surgery. Chiropractic philosophy is to get people healthy and keep people healthy. Back pain is only a part of what we do.”

“The problem and the symptoms of the problem are never the same thing,” Norman added. “If you only focus on the symptoms, you actually leave the underlying problem there. The first step in treating the problem is removing the problem. Then treat the symptoms. If nothing is working, then we have to look deeper to find the actual source. If I can’t help you, I’ll let you know, and I will help you find the person that can.”

Norman also wants to work with his patients so they have some control in their own health. “We are a team,” he said. “You do your part and I’ll do mine. I need your help too, to fix your problem.”

Norman stresses that he is an educator, and endeavors to teach clients how to fix their own problems as well.

“We work together,” he said. “That puts the power back in their hands so they can have some control of it themselves. It’s not all hopeless. I’ll teach you things to do at home. When you understand what the problem is and we work together on the solution, you now understand how to stay well. We don’t want you right back in here with the same problem.”

Modern Chiropractic has been in its current location for about a year, and is open Monday through Thursday with appointments available. Norman is a big fan of his new space.

Modern Chiropractic & Injury Care – 11106 Decimal Dr. Louisville, KY

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