Chances are you’ve crossed paths with Tim Holland. The father of four has spent a decade coaching for St. Matthews Little League, serves as assistant athletic director at Our Lady of Lourdes, is in his third term as a St. Matthews city councilman and can often be found running around town preparing for marathons. If that’s not enough, Holland is also a realtor with more than 15 years of experience.

“I like being involved and serving as a leader,” Holland says. “I have a passion for the community and want to give back and have a say in the place where I live.”

Holland grew up in the south end of Louisville before attending the University of Kentucky. He and his wife Lori moved to St. Matthews shortly after they married in 2003 and have been here ever since.

With children ranging in age from six to 14, the Hollands have their hands full, and Tim strives to provide a positive example for his kids. That commitment to hard work encouraged him to run for the St. Matthews City Council a third time after losing his previous two races. His dedication led to a win in his third campaign, and he received the most votes in his next race two years later.

When he’s not juggling his community involvement roles, Holland trains to run marathons with his 72-year-old father. Holland first ran in the Kentucky Derby Festival Mini Marathon when he was just 13 and hasn’t looked back since.

“That race has always been a big part of my family,” Holland says. “My dad and his three brothers ran most of them, and my Uncle John is one of very few people who has run in them all since the race started in 1974.”

Holland and his dad have already run three major marathons together, starting with Boston in 2015. They have also completed the New York and Berlin marathons and will knock Chicago off their list together this fall. From there, they have their sights set on Tokyo and London.

“I’m not a fantastic runner, it’s just something I enjoy doing,” he says. “It has given me focus, keeps me goal-oriented and has taught me commitment, dedication, hard work and how to fight through adversity.”

In fact, Holland credits his passion for running as one of the reasons why he has earned a spot in the RE/MAX Hall of Fame since joining the company in 2006. He has helped more than 300 families find the homes of their dreams and has sold more than $100M in real estate throughout his career.

Holland channels the same grit that helps him push through the final miles of a marathon as he helps clients in the final stages of their home buying process. He goes the extra mile for his clients and truly enjoys the relationships he forms because of his work.

“My daughter asks me all the time what I like about my job, and it’s really about the people,” Holland says. “I love helping my clients and the relationships I build along the way. Many of my clients are repeat clients, and I’ve been there for them and their families.”

While some realtors grow frustrated when a client has yet to choose a home to buy after several showings, Holland understands the importance of clients taking their time to find their perfect fit. He works with clients to establish their goals, ensuring they are completely satisfied.

“I’m not trying to help my clients find a house, I’m trying to help them find a home,” he says.

Aside from helping with the actual real estate transactions, Holland connects his clients with excellent recommendations for HVAC, plumbing and other services crucial to a seamless home buying process.

“Once I’m working with someone, I don’t look at it as a one-time transaction,” he says. “I’m still in contact with the very first person I sold a house to.”

And most of the homes Holland has sold have been in the St. Matthews area.

“As many great houses that I’ve shown and sold over the years, I feel like there’s no place I’d rather live than St. Matthews,” he says. “This is such a great community, with an awesome location and great parks.”

If you’re interested in buying or selling your home call Tim Holland at 502-387-2780.

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