The CabinAt The Cabin Counseling & Resource Center, professional counseling and education is provided to individuals and families struggling with the obstacles and opportunities that life presents. With a commitment to improve the state of mental health of all residents and in response to the vast mental health needs of the community, The Cabin innovatively designs services to meet the needs of those seeking mental health services. The Retreat at The Cabin was launched in response to the overwhelming demand for mental health services prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Seminars, workshops, and groups focused on mental fitness and wellness are offered at a low cost to serve individuals across all socioeconomic levels.

Since inception, The Cabin has provided the highest standard of care and has pledged to help ALL those in need of counseling, regardless of their ability to pay. Through the Samaritan Fund, The Cabin maintains this commitment, focusing on clients first and the financial bottom line second. Many of The Cabin’s clients that require reduced fees do not qualify for traditional social assistance but are individuals or families that face significant financial instability and/or are un- or underinsured, resulting in insufficient funds to cover counseling and programing fees.

The Cabin100% of all donations are used exclusively to subsidize the fee for service for individuals that have a demonstrated inability to pay for counseling and education. The proliferation of mental health issues, growing awareness of The Cabin’s counseling and education services and the availability of financial assistance has resulted in an increased number of individuals seeking out The Cabin and its Samaritan Fund.  Would you help us say “yes” by committing a donation?  With your help we will continue to walk ALL who seek our care out of their distress to a place of healing.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to transform lives through compassionate and professional counseling and education.

Wish List

Items or needs to help you in your mission- Donations to the Samaritan Fund

Link from website:

Donations can also be made by check or cash to The Cabin

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