Lincoln Square Pancake House has been family owned since the first location in Kokomo in 1989.

Lincoln Square Pancake House Opens on Michigan Road

George and Helen Katris immigrated from Greece in 1976. The couple raised their children, Chris and Denise, in Chicago, as George worked in the restaurant business, aspiring to one day own his own restaurant. In 1989 someone told George about a prime spot in Kokomo. He took a risk and went for it, opening Lincoln Square Pancake House, which sat on Lincoln Road in Kokomo. From there, he opened other locations in northern Indiana as his children went off to college.

“Chris was in corporate and I was in sales, but by 2003 Chris was over the whole corporate thing, so he went to our father and expressed an interest in joining the family business,” Denise says.

At that point George had been retired for 10 years, so he sold the restaurants he had in northern Indiana and partnered with his son to open the first Indianapolis location in 2004, at 21st Street and Shadeland Avenue. Denise joined the mix in 2010. To date, they have opened 14 locations and are still growing.

The first Lincoln Square Pancake House in Kokomo, Indiana. (1989)

Because they have so many locations, sometimes people assume that Lincoln Square Pancake House must be a chain or franchise, but it’s not. They are truly a family-owned and -operated business that treats their employees like cherished family.

“We don’t look at people like they’re disposable,” Denise says. “We invest in them, which is partly why our restaurants have done so well. It takes a whole team to run smoothly.”

This is why they have some employees who have worked for them for 10, 15, even 20 years. The Katrises have enjoyed watching these folks grow and evolve with the company.

Chris Katris and his family.

“At one of our restaurants you’ll find my manager who worked with us when she was 16 years old, and now her 16-year-old is working there too,” says Denise, who notes that every restaurant is located near a family member so they can stay on top of every situation.

Being a pancake house, they specialize in delicious hot cakes. Customers rave about the Pancake Platter, which includes two pancakes dusted with powdered sugar and topped with homemade whipped butter, served with two strips of bacon, two sausage links, and two eggs any style, with an optional side of hash browns to give customers a taste of everything. The Entire Farm is also a crowd favorite, which is an open biscuit topped with country-fried chicken, steak, bacon, cheese, homemade sausage gravy, and eggs served with hash browns. And you won’t be disappointed with the portion size.

“I guarantee you that most of the time you won’t be able to finish your plate,” Denise says. “The portions are huge.”

Everything is made fresh daily, and they don’t skimp when it comes to quality.

“Everything is top of the line – pancakes, platters, omelets, biscuits and gravy,” Denise says.

Denise Katris and her family.

They typically add locations based on customer recommendations. For instance, if enough customers express desire for a certain location, Chris will drive around and do market research. If he determines that there’s a need in a certain town, he’ll find the perfect location, making sure there’s ample parking and space for customers. Then he works on securing the lease and sealing the deal.

“It really is word of mouth to help us decide where to open next,” Denise says.

George is no longer a part of the restaurant business, as he spends half of the year in Miami. He still, however, relishes at making his rounds at the restaurants.

“He’s proud of what he’s done, so he likes to check in,” Denise says. “Plus, we still have people, particularly in Westfield, who ask for my parents.”

Although they have blossomed to 14 locations, Lincoln Square Pancake House is still the same as it was 20 years ago, so come check them out. You’re sure to go home with a full stomach and a doggie bag full of goodies.

Comments 11

  1. Mary Jones says:

    Welcome to Kokomo it’s a great town I wish your Family success with the Restaurant.

  2. Tracy E Givens, Sr. says:

    I first went Lincoln Pancake 🥞 House 🏡 n’ 2013, when in my last overnites shift 8pm-8am Luncoln was my treat, after 17straight overnite shifts, so i mentioned it to my supervisor, whom i never knew priior to workin’ w/him that year, Btw, The Indiana State has a pancake breakfast sponsor by State Farm Bureau in the 3rd day of Fair, it doesn’t compare to Lincoln’s pancakes, my supervisor ask me why I never told him about Lincoln, I told they just open on N. Meridian St, by Lockhart Cadillac. Let me just finish, the staff was always excellent, so I wanted to purchase a coffee mug for my mother, with the name of restaurant on it. The cashier told please take a new one. I hardly use that mug, but everytime I look see that mug in the cabinet at home, and believe me my mother who’s 91 yrs young collects mugs , I smile 😊 like I just ate there.great place, you all have there Keep flipping those hotcakes. I’ll be back…GOD willing!!

  3. Aurora Hayes says:

    I loved your food when you were in Kokomo ! I wish you were back here! Where is your location on Michigan Road?

  4. Don and Roberta says:

    Fantastic Restaurant, my wife and I were the first customers to walk in the door at the 21st & Shadeland location, have loved it ever since!
    We just loved George & Helen ever since! Now we go to the location in Westfield, just another great location!
    We are now in Noblesville, waiting for new location!
    Thanks for the memories!
    Hello to George & Helen, miss you, still visit location in Geist once in a while.

  5. Dorothy says:

    Where exactly is Michigan Road. I live in Kokomo and have traveled many times to your restaurant in Westfield. I would love it if it was in Kokomo, I’d certainly dine there more often!,

  6. CAROL says:

    My husband and I just ate at the Michigan Rd location on Sunday! Same great quality as all the others. We started eating at the 21st St. location in 2004. When we lived in Lawrence Twp, we frequently ate at the LS on Oakland on. We were delighted when the Greenfield location opened as we were living there. We love the vibe at the Irvington location and when we moved to Zionsville, we ate at the LS on 86th St. Now we can go to the new one which is very near our home! Great food and excellent service!

  7. Lola Boyley says:

    Was at his place in Kokomo many times. Played darts many times there on Lincoln Rd. I’m sure he remembers the Delco group. Love you George. 🙂

  8. Greg Mitchell says:

    My wife and I have been going to the Lincoln Square at 86th and Ditch for the last 3 years or more. Now that I am retired, I visit the restaurant 4 to 5 days a week. It isn’t just the consistent quality of the food. Many of the repeat customers have become friends of mine. Overtime, this restaurant has become something of our social club. The management and staff are very warm and welcoming. Even during the weekend rush, the restaurant remains clean and well maintained. Tables are cleaned and reset in 90 seconds or less. The clock work is amazing to watch.

  9. Jessica Petty says:

    Went to HS with the Katris’!! Such a sweet family.
    So happy for all their success!!

  10. Harold Springfield says:

    You need to give the address for your Michigan road restaurant please

  11. Melvin Webb says:

    Where on Michigan Road? My friend and I are avid fans and want to visit the new location.

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