Midwest Dental Specialists' Dr. Justin Villanueva and Dr. Mariana Mambrini Soldatelli. (Photos by Krystal Dailey)

Midwest Dental Specialists – Zionsville

Midwest Dental Specialists is now welcoming patients who are interested in restorative, cosmetic and implant dentistry services.

The new facility features multiple specialists who use modern and evidence-based solutions, along with technology, to help anyone who wants to improve their oral health, function and aesthetics.

Dr. Justin Villanueva is looking forward to bringing his expertise to the area where he lives. He saw a need for more periodontists in the area and says there are only 40 across the state.

“It deals with a lot of gum-related issues – anything that has to deal with your gums and your jawbone,” Villanueva said. “A lot of times people don’t know they have these issues. They often find out after going to their dentist because periodontal disease doesn’t have much pain, and there are not many symptoms associated with it. Often people will be seen by their general dentist and then their general dentist will refer them to our office.”

Patients are also welcome to make appointments directly with their office.

Dr. Mariana Mambrini Soldatelli specializes in complex restorative and rehabilitation work to help rebuild a person’s smile.

“As a specialist in prosthodontics, I personally provide different forms of oral rehabilitation, ranging from aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry to complete dentures,” Soldatelli said. “Implant-supported restorations, whether it’s a single crown or a full arch restoration, are a major component of our work.”

Villanueva and Soldatelli pride themselves on collaboration and working with others to serve their patients. Both dentists have completed residency through Indiana University, which is Indiana’s only dental school.

“We like the concept of different types of specialists and your general dentist all being able to talk,” Villanueva said. “If we’re able to talk about a case directly instead of through email, outcomes are always better, not just for the patient, but for all of us. It can mean less visits and more concise treatments. It makes everything go a lot smoother.”

The company’s tagline is “Redefining dental excellence.” The two want to change the way dentistry is being done by focusing on doing things correctly, and not necessarily faster.

“With the use of clinical photography and digital technology, we can analyze and simulate aesthetic outcomes before treating, so patients can see how they will look and then define treatment,” Soldatelli said. “We can virtually plan implant positions and use guided implant surgery. Most importantly, we give special attention to everyone that comes to look for our services, in a friendly and patient-centered environment.”

Villanueva only sees six patients per day, to focus on spending needed time with each one, and so they don’t feel like they’re being kicked out so he can rush to the next patient.

“I take a lot of pride in being kind of the last stop that a patient can go to,” he said. “For example, if there are some complications or issues that a general dentist can’t handle, I like to be the person that says, ‘I can help you out.’”

Midwest Dental Specialists is located at 1650 W. Oak St., Suite 206, Zionsville. Their office phone number is 317-349-0419.

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