Local Counseling Center Opens New Westfield Location

Photography Provided by The Cabin Counseling Center & Brian Brosmer

The Cabin Counseling & Resource Center, which provides professional mental health counseling for individuals, couples and families, was originally formed in Zionsville in 1999. Through the years the practice has grown, in large part due to the Samaritan Fund, which was created to provide therapy at a reduced rate to those otherwise unable to afford it. The Samaritan Fund pays the difference between full fees and calculated sliding-scale fees, making it possible for clients to be seen regardless of their financial situation.

“We don’t turn anyone away, nor do we have a cap on how much assistance we give,” explains The Cabin Founder and Executive Director Deidra Rausch. “In other words, we don’t limit the number of sessions that someone receiving assistance is able to have.”

According to Rausch the number one deterrent for mental healthcare is cost, and number two is access to services. In addition, sometimes folks who need assistance also have transportation issues.

Last summer Rausch was considering opening another location – one that would be more convenient for folks in Fishers, Westfield and Carmel – when she stumbled upon a lovely house on South Walnut Street in Westfield that spoke to her.

“We want our offices to feel homey, not medical,” Rausch says.

The find seemed fateful as the home was situated close to the Midland Trace Trail, which Rausch felt was perfect for the Adventure Therapy program used by several of Rausch’s therapists. In fact, the staff recently added fly fishing and kayak therapy to the program.

“Kids are less likely to grumble if they know they are going to have a session climbing trees rather than sitting in a room being asked how they feel,” says Rausch, who praises the various modalities The Cabin utilizes to suit the needs of each individual. “Not every kid wants to climb trees or be outside. Some love art, writing and music, so we incorporate those elements into therapy.”

The Westfield location, which opened in September, has a studio that is perfect for art therapy, trauma-sensitive yoga classes, and sessions that combine personal training and therapy. 

“We may end up popping a garden in the side yard,” Rausch says. “We like doing innovative things.”

A large portion of The Cabin’s therapy options is possible thanks to the money raised via the Samaritan Fund. Since 2002 when dollar amounts for the Fund began to be formally tracked, it has provided over $750,000 in assistance.

Nevertheless, the Westfield location is in need of donors. To raise money for the Samaritan Fund, the Cabin Counseling & Resource Center hosts two annual events – one in April and one in November.

“We estimate that in 2020 the Samaritan Fund will provide over $145,000 in financial assistance,” Rausch says. “Our fundraising events are the primary vehicle for raising Samaritan Funds so we appreciate support, both from businesses and individuals.”

In 2020 Rausch and her staff will host their third annual Urban Vines Wine & Beer Tasting in Westfield on Monday, April 27. It’s an evening of food, tastings and live auction items. On November 6 they will host an Unmasking Mental Health event at VisionLoft on Delaware Street in downtown Indy.

“Mental health requires a great deal of resilience to move through to the other side of darkness,” Rausch says.

In 2019, The Cabin awarded its first annual Resilience Award to race car driver Conor Daly, who shared his engaging story of resilience.

Resilience can be a tall order. Studies have found that cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices have increased rates of depression and suicidality, and decreased sleep quality across the general population – especially among the younger generation. This behavior, in turn, affects parents and other family members.

“If we can treat the individual in therapy, we make a difference for the rest of the family system,” Rausch says. “That’s why when we talk about total annual impact, we estimate that we impact 1,100 individuals but 3,500-plus family members.”

One technique growing in popularity is eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), a form of psychotherapy that can work well for patients with post-traumatic stress disorder. The Cabin has three providers trained in EMDR.

“(EMDR) has proven to be a highly effective technique to unlock the brain both for kids and adults with persistent anxiety and depression,” Rausch says.

The Cabin also offers prospective clients up to three free, 20-minute meet-and-greets with therapists. This provides a prospective client with a chance to meet a potential therapist and can facilitate quicker progress once a therapist is selected since a connection has already been made.

“I believe that the majority of therapy works because of the therapeutic alliance,” Rausch says. “If you don’t feel a connection to a therapist, change just isn’t going to happen. But when you do, a world of positive change is possible.”

The Cabin Counseling & Resource Center is located at 121 South Walnut Street in Westfield. For more information or to learn how to become a sponsor, visit thecabin.org or call 317-804-3697.

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