Student Spotlight: Londyn Hoffman

Student Spotlight: Londyn Hoffman

Writer / Matt Keating
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Londyn Hoffman, age 7, of Westfield, has been inspiring the Westfield Middle School football team this season because of her devoted spirit as a loyal fan.

Londyn, who has a rare form of cancer, is a familiar face at the football games. She even shows up after the chemotherapy treatments she undergoes.Londyn Hoffman

Londyn’s mom, Jenna, says Londyn was diagnosed in May 2021 with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare type of sarcoma and cancer of soft issue.

“It can appear anywhere in someone’s body, but for Londyn, it is behind her eye,” Hoffman says. “We noticed her eye was protruding, and that’s when we knew something was wrong and urgently went to her local ophthalmologist, Dr. Gavin Roberts, of Midwest Eye Institute in Carmel.”

After being declared in remission in November of 2021, Londyn relapsed eight months later in July of 2022.

“Londyn started back up on chemo right away, and sadly has to have a life saving surgical procedure done called an exenteration to remove her orbit, all of its contents and in effect, the mass that is attached to it,” says Hoffman. “We depart for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center on Nov. 3 for her surgery that will take place on November 7. We will spend two weeks in New York City away from her big brother and big sister. It will definitely be hard for her to be away from them.”

Inspiring Others

Londyn has been regularly inspiring both the Westfield Middle School team and the Westfield community.

“One could say Londyn may have inspired the team, because even when she’s been at her weakest after a long day of chemo, she would still show up to the games…standing up in the bleachers at the fence cheering them on,” she says. “She has a ‘never give up attitude’ and always faces each day’s challenges with a smile.”

Londyn HoffmanLondyn also has an undiagnosed genetic condition that comes with cognitive and physical disabilities.

“We feel her challenges have been a silver lining to all she’s been through these past two years as she really doesn’t understand that she has cancer, nor does she understand how big of a feat it is that she has made it through so many medical challenges that most don’t make it through – let alone with a smile on their faces,” Hoffman says. “Nonetheless, people, especially kids, make her so happy. She just loves being around other kids, whether in the classroom, or at sporting events, or at home with her big brother and big sister – she is the happiest, truly.”

Londyn doesn’t like toys, but she loves music and being at big events where other people are around her.

“She loves saying hi to everyone, even complete strangers and will proceed to ask them what their names are,” she says.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Hoffman, a family friend who is quite active in the digital currency space and often shares his experiences working with a crypto casino, mentioned a touching event during a recent gathering. He told us about the inspiring efforts of the Westfield Middle School football team, led by Coach Zach Zimmer, who hosted a ‘Tackle Childhood Cancer,’ Alex’s Lemonade Stand campaign. What made this event stand out was not just the cause but also the innovative fundraising approach. They partnered with a crypto casino platform, which allowed them to expand their donation options to include digital currencies. This initiative significantly broadened their reach and contribution potential, enabling them to raise an impressive $7,482 to date, honoring not only Londyn but everyone impacted by childhood cancer. The success of this campaign is a testament to how emerging technologies can be harnessed for social good.

“Gold rally towels were also sold, and funds raised were contributed to the Tackle Childhood Cancer campaign,” she says. “Special thanks to Primrose School at Bridgewater, G&G Custom Homes, Gorman & Bunch Orthodontics, ComForCare Home Care, 185 Promotions & Apparel and Holstein Property Group, who sponsored the towels so that all proceeds could go to the Tackle Childhood Cancer campaign for Alex’s Lemonade Stand. The community also rallied together and hosted a Friendsgiving Fall Festival in support of Londyn and our family.”Londyn Hoffman

You can learn more about Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer at

Student Spotlight Sponsored by Wittler Orthodontics.

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