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Powering Forward – Huston Electric

Huston Electric offers more to its clients than just excellent customer service, reliability and value. They also provide more than 85 years of family experience pioneering innovation in the electric industry.

In the early 1900s, Charles R. Huston sharpened his skills by wiring line and control stations for the electric interurban railways. He also installed the first electric street lamps in Illinois, passing his knowledge of the electrical trade to his son, Donald, and creating a family legacy.

In the 1920s, Donald began his career as a residential and maintenance electrician with Ford Motor Company in Indianapolis. During the 1930s, Donald relocated his family to Kokomo, where he provided electrical services from the garage behind his home. Due to keen foresight, Donald recognized the eventual demand for copper wiring created by World War II, and stockpiled the commodity.

“That idea set him up to be able to take on projects that other local contractors couldn’t at the time, because he had that supply,” says Kelli Huston, director of marketing. “That solidified our standing within the community as a resilient and forward-thinking contractor who follows the trends of the world around us.”

In 1939, Donald formally established Huston Electric, and thanks to his astute observation about the necessity of copper wiring, his business boomed even during wartime. Throughout the following years, Donald worked tirelessly to expand and pivot the business as the industry dictated. In the 1950s, yet another generation was added to the family business: Donald’s son, Dave.

Huston Electric is located at 1105 East 181st Street in Westfield.

In 1962 Huston Electric reorganized into a corporation, with Donald serving as president and Dave as vice president. The building boom after World War II brought large commercial contracting projects for the duo. In the 1970s, Donald retired, leaving Dave at the helm of the family business.

During the 1980s, Huston Electric added vehicles, specialized equipment, administrative staff and field electricians, propelling the company’s commitment to growth and electrical excellence. In the years that followed, Huston Electric expanded its product line and services to include generators, motors and compressors. They acquired other local businesses, adding a new division known as Huston Signs.

“During the ‘90s we opened a technology division because we predicted the market shift and emerging trends,” Huston says. “We felt we could bring that expertise here locally, which has definitely been a cornerstone of the business. We can look at the world around us and provide those innovative services to our local customers.”

As Huston Electric moved into the 2000s and beyond with different family members at the helm, the company continued its legacy of growth and innovation by opening offices in Lafayette and Indianapolis. Jon Huston serves as CEO, with several other Huston family members in executive roles. The business provides more than just electrical services such as contracting, prefabrication and electric vehicle charging; it has also diversified into specialty divisions such as Huston Signs, Huston Solar, Huston Tech, as well as generators and compressors.

“Our solar division was created in 2020 to meet the demand of the growing solar industry,” Huston says. “We offer on-site assessments, solar energy system installation, maintenance on existing solar energy systems, and preventative maintenance. Our crew has completed several commercial, industrial and residential solar projects out of our Lafayette and Indianapolis locations.”

Huston Signs knows standing out isn’t just a goal – it’s a necessity. Huston provides the wow factor a business needs to stand out and for customers to take notice. The division offers custom sign design, installation, maintenance and repairs, LED lighting and retrofits, and project management. Huston Signs provides various signage types including electronic message centers, monument signs, pylon signs and more.

Electric vehicles are increasing in popularity, and Huston Electric is riding that rise into the future. They’re working to become a leader of the electric vehicle revolution in Indiana, offering comprehensive charging solutions tailored to the state’s growing needs. From single charging station installations to extensive, multisite charging networks, Huston Electric is dedicated to enhancing Indiana’s electric vehicle infrastructure with reliable, efficient, and user-friendly charging options.

Huston says the business is experiencing a generational shift, but the company plans to continue the family’s longstanding legacy and reputation that the previous generations built. She says the vision going forward is to focus on quality and innovation, be community-minded, and live out the company’s core values.

“We’re very active in the communities where we’re located,” Huston says. “We believe it’s a bedrock to our success. It’s an extension of our core values, particularly ‘embrace relationships’ and ‘serve always.’ We hold a golf outing annually and choose a nonprofit from each location as the recipient of the funds raised. In the last few years, the total has been around $150,000 raised, with a third of that going directly back into the Westfield community.”

Moving forward, the family team of Huston Electric plans to open a new location in Franklin to better serve their customers south of Indianapolis. Huston says the team is working to build all five of their specialty divisions, with a special focus on the electrical service division.

Huston Electric is located at 1105 East 181st Street in Westfield. For more information, call 317-804-9009 or visit

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