Elianna Reynolds led the Westfield High School gymnastics team and will be on the Trine University acrobatics and tumbling team.

Student-Athlete Spotlight: Elianna Reynolds

Elianna Reynolds, a senior at Westfield High School (WHS), has etched her name in the world of gymnastics, from leading her high school team to securing a spot on the prestigious Trine University acrobatics and tumbling team for the upcoming academic year.

Elianna’s love for gymnastics traces back to her childhood, where her constant somersaulting foreshadowed her future in the sport.

“My mom used to tell me that even as a baby, I was constantly bouncing in my bouncy chair,” she said. “She saw me tumbling around as a toddler and knew right then and there that gymnastics was meant for me.”

This early enthusiasm prompted her mother, Ann Reynolds, to enroll her in gymnastics at the early age of 3.

Throughout her formative years, Elianna honed her skills, participating in the Junior Olympics program and competing up to level 7 before entering high school.

However, due to the absence of a gymnastics team at WHS, Elianna had to retire for a few years, always hoping a team would start at her school.

Fate took a turn when Molly Moskovitz and her mother, Lynn Moskovitz, spearheaded the formation of a gymnastics team at WHS in 2023, inspired by a similar initiative in Fishers.

“Me and my mom saw that the high school was starting a new team on our school website,” Elianna said. “I was very excited to join.”

Without hesitation, Elianna seized the opportunity to reignite her passion for the sport.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to be on my school’s team,” she said. “If it wasn’t for Molly and her mom starting the team, and for their ambition, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Her dedication and talent propelled Elianna to the position of team captain, leading the WHS girls gymnastics team to impressive performances at sectionals. She excelled in individual and all-around competitions, placing in the top six of both events.

Elianna Reynolds, a senior at Westfield High School (WHS)“Fortunately our entire team was able to go to sectionals this year,” she said. “We were up against some tough teams, so we were all shocked and grateful that we were able to go.”

Elianna’s versatility proved stellar as she competed in all four areas of gymnastics including the bars, beam, floor and vault.

The young athlete said she has always been a “beam girl” since she was little, but she now appreciates the bars.

“My favorite is bars,” she said. “The beam was always with me, but this year I was able to see how far I could go with the bars and it really changed my perspective on competing at events.”

Transitioning from the rigorous training regimen of Junior Olympics, Elianna said she found happiness in the balanced schedule of her high school team, practicing four days a week for two hours.

“I was used to doing 20 hours of practice a week,” she said. “At WHS they balance our schedule well, so we have time to rest and work on our homework.”

Throughout her journey, Elianna credits her mother for unwavering support, both on and off the mat.

“My mom has supported me the entire way,” she said. “This sport can be difficult mentally and my mom has always been there for me, even through some tough times.”

Ann said she takes great pride in her daughter’s sportsmanship.

“More than the awards, I take more pride in how Elianna constantly tries to motivate her teammates, and she works hard for her coaches,” Ann said. “She really likes the sport.”

Looking ahead, Elianna harbors ambitions beyond gymnastics, aspiring to double major in criminal justice and psychology at Trine University.

As her new journey begins, Elianna said she plans to do gymnastics as long as she can in her future, aspiring to teach youths one day.

“I am so excited to start college and start the tumbling team,” she said. “It will be a whole new experience where I can continue my love for gymnastics.”

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