Student Spotlight: Jason Lottie

Westfield High School Senior Jason Lottie Plans Career in Music

Writer / Matt Keating
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Jason Lottie, a senior at Westfield High School, says he is planning to do his popular Michael Jackson impersonation again at the school’s next American Pie program.Jason Lottie

Lottie brought the house down last year during his performance, so he decided to give the crowd what they wanted again. He thoroughly enjoyed doing the performance, and says the audience felt the same way.

“My performance involves dancers and a lot of energy,” Lottie says. “My right-hand man in the performance, Billy Cox, will be joining me this year. We also plan on doing an original performance piece to represent us and Indiana.”

Lottie notes that he spends a lot of time getting ready for his American Pie performance, but says the time-consuming hard work pays off.

“The planning that goes into it is very strategic,” Lottie says. “Once I get a general idea of how I want the show to look, I go from there, and I make sure I have every detail down.”

Lottie would like to pursue singing as a career, and says he is willing to work hard to make his dreams come true.

“I plan on attending IU to get my degree in sound engineering,” he says. “I want to be a singer and ultimately a star in general, but I also want to be behind the scenes where I can have total control over my music.”

At school, Lottie is also co-president of the school’s Black Student Union.

Jason Lottie“The work that my Co-President David Young and I do is planning events and getting everyone together to make our plans come to life,” Lottie says. “Our event coordinator, Olivia Bell, and Secretary, Chandler Walker and Vice President Sidney Williams play a big role because they are the ones who help us come up with these things. For example, we hold a tailgate event every year for the first football of the season for people to come enjoy some barbecue and get to know each other. We couldn’t do it without them. It’s really a team effort.”

Lottie was also involved in the Helping Hands program where he mentors elementary school students.

“Helping Hands was an amazing experience for me,” Lottie says. “It gave me a chance to really mentor these kids and get to know them. I can really see their growth and my impact on them. I really loved it because it gave me a chance to see myself in that mentor light outside of being a big brother to my siblings.”

First Album

Lottie has already released his first album.

“I have a couple of new songs out now on all of the different platforms, and even dropped my first album,” he says. “You can find me everywhere on all platforms at my stage name, JasoNova. I have some more music coming out with my right-hand man/brother Billy Cox as well. You can find him on all different platforms at his stage name, IceMan Yoshi. I also have some more music coming with my little brother, Taedon Hughes. You can find him everywhere at his stage name, OfficialGMT.”

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  1. Ricardo Lottie says:

    I am very proud of my Grandson because besides being talented he knows what he wants and is not scared to go for it !!🙏🏾💯💯💞💞

    Love you !!!

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