Student Spotlight – Cohen Hansel and Jack Feltz

Westfield Students Cohen Hansel and Jack Feltz Join Civil Air Patrol Program

Writer / Matt Keating
Photography Provided

Two Westfield Middle School students, Cohen Hansel and Jack Feltz, are flying high after learning they will be studying in an aviation program in the fall at the Indianapolis Executive Airport.

Hansel and Feltz will be attending weekly classes, doing flight training, and will even get to fly planes as they reach different levels. The students are in a Civil Air Patrol (CAP) program.Cohen Hansel and Jack Feltz

Cohen Hansel

Hansel’s mother, Caroline, says Cohen, a Westfield Middle School student, is extremely excited about the program.

“This fall will be the start of Cohen’s high school freshman year,” Caroline says. “The CAP program is funded through the United States Air Force, but it is not affiliated with Grissom Air Reserve Base.

Cohen’s weekly classes are held at Indianapolis Executive Airport.

“Cohen has always had a passion for aviation,” Caroline says. “He said that when he grows up he wants to join a branch in the military and fly airplanes and go to school for aerospace engineering. Cohen became interested in the program last spring.”

Caroline noted that the classes will be something different each week.

“There will be physical training, character development, safety preparedness, aviation classes, search and rescue readiness and drill,” Caroline says. “Cohen is responsible for completing reading modules and tests on his own time to further educate himself.”

Cohen, who also plays football at Westfield Middle School, says he is ready for the aviation program.

“It takes dedication and motivation to progress through the program and in life,” Cohen Hansel says.

Cohen Hansel and Jack FeltzJack Feltz

Jack Feltz, an eighth grader at Westfield Middle School, is also excited about the CAP program.

“Cohen and I are in the Eagle Composite Squadron,” Feltz says. “I became interested in CAP when I heard about it in a presentation during Spanish class that was called ‘About Me,’ by Cadet Hansen. The purpose of the presentation was to talk about himself and his interests that were outside of school. I have always wanted to fly planes in the military, and this seemed like a great opportunity to get involved at my age.”

Feltz says he thoroughly enjoys the program.

“I started into the program as a prospective in the fall of 2022 and have worked to achieve the mark of Cadet Airman,” Feltz says.

Feltz is looking forward to the flight training in the program.

“The involvement depends on the experience level you have during your orientation flights,” he says. “As you get more comfortable, you get more responsibility and more opportunities and experience different flight situations.”

Feltz loves being up in the air.

“Flying at higher altitudes is relaxing,” Feltz says. “I find flying a plane to be a peaceful experience that is incredibly enjoyable.”

Feltz encourages other students to get involved in the CAP program.

“I would encourage anyone interested in flight to come visit our program, or another one near them to see what opportunities weCohen Hansel and Jack Feltz have to offer,” Feltz says. “Not only do you get to learn about flight and ground teams operations, but you learn responsibility, discipline, respect, accountability and leadership all while taking your experience to new heights as you work towards promotions. Friendships with those that share a similar love for flight are also a valuable part of the program.”

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