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Queue Saver: New Smartphone Application Monitors Physical Capacity for Businesses

Photographer  /  Whitney Williams

Queue SaverMarc Ebtinger, co-founder of tech start-up Andromeda Galactic Solutions, says his company has created a web application called Queue Saver, which can monitor maximum physical capacity in businesses. The application can help local business owners in Westfield, Noblesville and elsewhere.

“Back in March, we felt like our expertise could help save lives,” Ebtinger says. “Our app synchronizes two or more phones so people can count visitors in and out, and keep an occupancy count. Personally, I feel a lot more comfortable when a store keeps plenty of room for social distance. It also helps keep the employees safer. I wouldn’t want to infect other people if I was contagious without knowing it.”

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Queue Saver works via smartphone. There is no hardware needed and nothing to download. Several staff members at a business can use it at the same time.

“Since this is a life-saving product, we decided to make the app free until July 1,” Ebtinger says. “We hope to make it a $20 monthly subscription by the end of the year because app development is not free, but life comes first, reopening comes second, and making money is our last priority.”

There is no limitation on the number of Queue Saver users, and any smartphone can access the web application.

“A hardware store would be a good example,” Ebtinger says. “Most have a main door, a contractor door, and a nursery and garden exit. Today, most hardware stores have restricted their entry and exits to one door. This is inconvenient, and also is an additional risk of contamination, for it creates a clutter near the single entry. Using Queue Saver on three smartphones would allow this store to count customers in and out at each door, and the staff members doing this would know in real time the occupancy. The manager can use the app on his phone as well, so he or she knows the situation in real time.

When maximum capacity is reached, the business owner or employee can create a virtual queue to maintain proper occupancy.

“Instead of having a long line of customers waiting in the rain or being in close proximity, they can use their own cell phone to get in a queue,” Ebtinger says. “There is no registration and no download. To get in line from your smartphone, you can go to either QueueSaver.com, or scan a QR code that brings you directly to the right place.”

Ebtinger says Andromeda Galactic Solutions was created four years ago to launch FlexePark, a smartphone-based parking solution that does not require any application to download.

Ebtinger has high hopes for Queue Saver.

“If solutions like Queue Saver are widely applied, the virus could be reduced, and the economy could restart faster,” he says. “It’s a win-win.”

For more info on Queue Saver and to sign up, visit QueueSaver.com.

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