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In 2020, we’ve seen a global pandemic, an election, and an abundance of other changes that have altered daily life. However, one change Noblesville has seen come out of 2020 has already produced some substantial and beneficial changes.


Early this year, Mayor Chris Jensen and the Noblesville Police and Fire Departments started the NobleAct. A para-medicine program, the NobleAct is an effort by the City of Noblesville and law enforcement to meet the changing needs of the community.

“The NobleAct is really a sort of combining services that we identify through emergency response and law enforcement and through fire and emergency medical services,” says Tony Murray, one of the three Community Resource Paramedics on the NobleAct team. 

The NobleAct works to help those who need mental health and addiction services, doing so in order to direct these patients away from the criminal justice system and unnecessary hospitalizations. 

“NobleAct is currently staffed with an officer from the Noblesville Police Department and six paramedics (three primaries, three back-ups) from the Noblesville Fire Department,” says Benjamin Lugar, the NobleAct Police Officer. 

The NobleAct team de-escalates the scene using the expertise by a Community Resource Paramedic, the mental health officer (Lugar), and a mental health clinician, and directly assesses the patients needs to find what will best benefit them following the initial incident. 

“The program is focused on reducing repeat calls for service that are a result of mental health-related issues, substance use issues, homelessness, or multiple hospitalizations,” Lugar says. 

However, the work doesn’t stop after that initial call. NobleAct connects patients to follow-up care and provides resources after experiencing a crisis or traumatic events. 

This takes the pressure off of an individual to find the help they need following their incident, and rather, working step-by-step with Officer Lugar and the NobleAct to provide guidance and referrals to services.


“Because of the program, our approach is more detail-oriented which really creates a better outcome for somebody who is in need of mental health care,” Murray adds. “We’re better able to get the appropriate services to the people that live in our community.”

And since it’s beginning this year, there have already been changes seen. 

“Since the implementation of NobleAct, I have seen the positive and lasting impacts follow-up care after a crisis can bring,” Lugar says. “I have seen residents who previously had frequent encounters with the police and fire department reduce or eliminate negative contacts.”

In addition, the NobleAct is working with the community and local organizations to better connect the individuals they treat to lasting care that’s local and easy to access.

“NobleAct has had many organizations reach out asking to become more involved in supporting the community,” Lugar says. “This has been exciting to see, and I look forward to seeing the positive impacts these organizations have in our city.”

So, when picking up the phone to call emergency services or deciding to take the step to seek treatment can look daunting, the NobleAct is there to add comfort and ease to those seeking help. 

“There is support out there,” Lugar adds. “There is hope even in the most trying of times. If you or someone you care about is in need of support please reach out to us, and we would be happy to assist in any way we can.”

You can find more information about the NobleAct on the City of Noblesville website, and if you’re in need of their services, you can call 317-774-6540. If interested in partnering with NobleAct to provide services to the patients, contact Officer Benjamin Lugar, at, or at the NobleAct phone number. 

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