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Noblesville Police Noblesville Police Chief John Mann is looking forward to continuing the implementation of positive, effective programs in Noblesville.

“The Noblesville Police Department [NPD] continues to positively influence our community, and our efforts demonstrating this can be seen in our School Resource Officer program, the NobleAct program, our community outreach efforts, retirement re-engagement program, Business Watch program, and continued leadership training,” Mann says. “With 2020 restricting most in-person contact, these programs will be impactful for 2021, and the future of the police department.”

Mann is pleased the School Resource Officer program continues to thrive in schools.

“The direct positive interaction between the students and our officers is invaluable,” Mann says. “What makes our program unique is the support given to us by the school administration. The school administration allows us to teach lessons through ‘Project Truth.’ The program allows officers and students to interact in a safe environment to talk about, and learn how to react to, tough situations that students face on a daily basis.”

Mann says the police department’s NobleAct program was started under Noblesville Mayor Chris Jensen, and has impacted response to mental health issues.

“COVID-19 has impacted us all, whether the virus and our isolation has created additional mental health issues, or has just brought to the surface existing mental health issues that have been pushed aside,” Mann says. “NobleAct placed mental health in the forefront of first responders and the community. This joint effort between the fire department and our police department is on a full-time basis to address the needs of the community.”Noblesville Police

Mann adds that the Noblesville Police Department has also begun to reinvest in their retirees.

“These officers served the department and community for several years before they retired,” Mann says. “Their knowledge of the community, and just the human experience, should not be ignored. Most of these officers, once retired, never heard from the department again. These officers should not be forgotten. It is our turn to give back. In 2021, we are partnering with ProTeam Tactical Performance to enhance the physical wellness of our officers. Retired officers will be given the opportunity to participate in a wellness program that will include a heart scan, and a movement diagnostic evaluation that is designed, through a series of exercises, to help movement in areas of their body that are deficient.”

The Noblesville Police Department will also kick off a Business Watch program in 2021.

“This program will provide local businesses and their employees training on what to do during shoplifting incidents,” Mann says. “We also train businesses on the signs of human trafficking, and partner with them for video surveillance access when investigating human trafficking.”

In an effort to highlight the work of Noblesville police officers, the NPD will hold an awards banquet in October.

Mann believes increased police engagement with the Noblesville community has benefited everyone.

“Go and have a conversation with one of our officers,” Mann says. “If you do, you will see what great men and women we have. We will be starting ‘mobile roll calls,’ where officers will meet at different locations or neighborhoods to have their roll call before the start of their shift. The officers enjoy this type of outreach, while they are given instructions for their upcoming shift. We will also continue to do Citizens Academy, ride-alongs, building tours, and other in-person public relations meetings, as soon as we can safely do so.”

Mann says he loves Noblesville.

“Noblesville has a small town family feel that I love,” he says. “I also love the pride that the city has in itself. To me, Noblesville is perfect. It is a great place to raise a family. It has a great school system, and a safe community supported by the best police department in the nation.”

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