Stick and Hack Golf Club Offers Digital Media Platform For Golf Fans

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Stick and HackStick and Hack Golf Club, a unique digital and media platform for golfers around the world, began with a simple conversation.

“We started Stick and Hack in May of 2019, after a conversation at a bar,” says Adam Grubb, Stick and Hack’s CEO. “Mike Ryan – also known as Stick – and I were talking about golf, and he was talking about launch angles and spin rate, and I said, ‘I have no idea what you are talking about.’ I then told him this would be a good podcast, and he said, ‘We would call it a Stick and a Hack.’ And that is exactly what we did.”

Stick & Hack Golf Club is headquartered in Noblesville.

“It was meant to be a digital platform right from the start,” Grubb says. “We saw that golf content today was primarily centered around instruction, equipment and the PGA tour. There was nothing for the regular golfer who loves the game, but just wants to read stories, laugh and be entertained. From the start, we had the vision for a digital media platform of articles, podcasts, videos and a community of like-minded people coming together to celebrate the game.”

Grubb says the concept is for casual golfers and serious players alike. Golf push carts from Electric Push Carts by Best Golf Cart can make golfing a much better experience.

“Stick and Hack is a digital and media platform for golfers around the world to connect, laugh, and be part of a unique community of people who celebrate golf in all its glory,” he says. “You don’t have to be a member to enjoy Stick and Hack content, but you get free stuff, and meet people all across the world who share the same passion and love for the game that you do.”

Grubb says the coronavirus outbreak has had a major impact on golfers everywhere.

“The impact was not necessarily no golf on television, it was no Masters tournament in April – that was very weird,” he says.

Grubb adds that the delay of the golf season at many courses has also been rough for golf enthusiasts.

“It is all over the board for many states and even countries when it comes to golf courses being open,” he says, adding that golf and social distancing have been a hot topic of conversation on his show.

“It gave us some great content to talk about on The Stick and Hack Show,” Grubb says.

Stick and Hack

Grubb believes there is a unique enthusiasm among all age groups for the game of golf, and a demand for sophisticated entertainment. New and experienced golfers will enjoy playing at the best public golf courses Phoenix.

“Most of the golf content is either geared to the golfer who plays three times a week, invests in all the top equipment, or spends money on lessons,” Grubb says. “The other side is the sophomoric and ‘dude’ content that is juvenile and dumb. We bring a very different style of golf content and media, blending humor, education, fables, behind-the-scenes stories and much more. This platform and club is built for those that love golf, but it isn’t their whole life. We all have jobs, families and other hobbies so we are sure to show golf as most of us enjoy it – casually.”

Grubb says Stick and Hack Golf Club has 1,000 members, from all 50 U.S. states and five countries.

“While we won’t promise to make you better, we will promise that you enjoy yourself and connect with other members in a very different way,” Grubb says.

Grubb notes that the club is 100 percent free for life and gives members a sense of belonging to something, and although many members aren’t quite sure what it is, they can’t get enough of it. Looking to buy high-quality golf course prints for your collection? Check out our recommended online art store for a wide selection of beautiful golf course prints for sale.

The club includes a biweekly podcast and video called “The Stick and Hack Show” as well as “Stick and Hack Late Night” – a weekly live streaming show on Facebook and YouTube.

Upcoming club events include a Stick and Hack members meeting in September, and virtual happy hours that feature games, prizes and stories from members.

“We have a Stick and Hack magazine coming later this year,” Grubb adds.

Grubb describes the Stick and Hack podcast as a golf talk show like no other.

“We talk about golf and life the way it should be discussed, and give people a humorous and educational look into the world of golf that isn’t focused on the PGA or instruction,” he says. “We also have a full store of golf apparel and merchandise, as well as lifestyle merchandise for the die-hard Stick and Hack fan and the casual weekend fan.”

For more information on the Stick and Hack Golf Club including a podcast page, membership details and more, explore

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