Greenwood Cupcakery Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Writer  /  Heather Simpson
Photographer  /  Madison Simpson

A honeymoon in Destin, Florida may not seem like the place to find a career, but that is exactly what this Greenwood couple did. They took their dream of owning and operating a Smallcakes Cupcakery and turned it into a reality.

Before this dream began, Aaron and Megan Evans lived fairly normal lives. Aaron worked as a Pepsi Sales Representative and together they operated a Brownberry Distribution route. She says she grew up owning businesses with her family, so one can see why this path came naturally. Now, they live in Bargersville with their 9-month old baby, traveling to the Greenwood Smallcakes to bake and decorate cakes, cupcakes and cookies most days of the week.

Aaron and Megan began this life-changing journey in May of 2014 on their honeymoon. While visiting a Destin, FL Smallcakes, they discovered that making gourmet cupcakes is what they wanted to do. Their goal was to pay for their own franchise in cash, so they waited and worked for two years. Finally, they had the money to achieve their dream.

In June of 2016, it finally happened — the Greenwood Smallcakes Cupcakery was a reality. After two years of hard work, Aaron and Megan had enough money to open their very own Smallcakes. Not only was their dream coming true but Megan was nine months pregnant with the couple’s first child. Raising a business and a baby is incredibly difficult, but this pair of dedicated business owners are pulling it off.

Smallcakes offers a large selection of cupcakes every day, including such tempting treats as Birthday Cake, Caramel Crunch, Choco-Holic, Lemon Drop and Wedding Cake. Megan and Aaron express that lots of hours go into running a cupcakery and that it would be difficult to do it alone. In addition to the 14 daily flavors, Smallcakes offers two seasonal specials. The top sellers include Wedding Cake and Chocolate Cream.

Throwing a birthday party but don’t want to decorate the cake? Smallcakes does that, too. Smallcakes offers a birthday party where you and your child can decorate (and eat) your very own cupcake. If you don’t want to do that, you can just order a delicious cake from them. The business guarantees a 24-hour turn around to get your cake to you on time.

“We really cater to our customers, to make sure they get what they want,” Megan says. Customer service is incredibly important to this pair, and it is clear to see that they go out of their way to have a little something for everyone.

Not only does Smallcakes make yummy treats for humans, but dogs, too. Each day, fantastic cupcakes are made just for your pup. They cleverly call these cupcake creations Pupcakes. They will also make your K-9 a dog-friendly birthday cake. These delicacies meant for man’s best friend contain dog-friendly ingredients that won’t upset their stomachs.

Megan and Aaron insist on top-quality ingredients.   

“We really care about the quality of our ingredients, high quality ingredients produce high quality products,” they say.  

The success of this new establishment has inspired Aaron and Megan to expand their goals and open up more Smallcake sites around Indiana. The couple plans to eventually operate five cupcakeries. The next one they plan to open will be located in Bloomington.  Furthering their goal, they wish to open a Fishers location, one in Carmel and another in Indy.

This team of two has created something that will leave a lasting effect on Greenwood’s sweet tooth.

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