I’ve been asked several times, why Tranquil Counseling over another counseling practice? The reasons are as varied as they are important. *All aspects of why choose this particular counseling center are important. I’d like to share some of these reasons so that you can better understand why Tranquil Counseling is better overall than other counseling online practices.

First off, let’s examine you. What do you have to do today? A million things like the rest of us. Life is just running so fast nowadays that finding time to get everything done is somewhat of a challenge to say the least. You still need some help though, someone to talk with. At Tranquil Counseling you have some easily accessed counselors in a manner that is as effective as it is quick. Typing out an email message is entirely quick and very effective for a counseling approach.

SECURITY. Traditional counseling pocatello is a very safe environment for counseling, comfortable as well. However, Tranquil Counseling has invested in some wonderful technologies to guarantee your security, your privacy and your peace of mind. Tranquil Counseling is the only Internet Counseling practice on the web today to utilize 2048 bit encryption technology of your email to us and us to you. Your privacy is guaranteed. Now, most people aren’t tech savvy so let me explain this to you in a form you may better understand. When you access your banking information online by a bank that has invested tremendous amounts in security, it’s encrypted at 128 bit encryption. Tranquil Counseling is doing it at 2048, that’s the best security the world over. Also, our chat interfaces are encrypted as well so as to guarantee a safe and secure real-time discussion when you are ready. Quite frankly, there is no other practice online that offers this form of security. Others aren’t interested in spending the time and effort in security.

I did mention comfort as well. Of course this is a remarkably comfortable place for counseling. Why? Because your wherever you want to be. Your house, your office, at the park… it’s counseling on your time, where you want. Can’t beat that at all.

COST. Yes, Tranquil Counseling is the most cost effective form of counseling online or off. Consider your time, that’s worth something… most likely a lot. Consider other online practices that charge by the word count or by the actual time invested. Tranquil Counseling charges by the session and a session constitutes three emails sent and received. That’s unheard of in this industry. Our counselors will be working with that email exchange far longer than an hour. We never charge by word count or time it takes. Just imagine, a counselor that’s slow at typing, uses an excessive amount of small, meaningless words and there you are paying for it. That’s almost highway robbery.

EXPERTISE. The counselors at Tranquil Counseling have expertise in their respective aspects of counseling. Raymond Fox of Tranquil Counseling has specific education and specific training and specific experience in the areas of grief counseling and stress management. Specific. That’s what’s going to help a client to tranquility faster and better than others. Raymond has also worked and educated via the Internet for years and has expertise in utilizing the Internet for counseling purposes. Other counselors on the web don’t have this ability. They are utilizing traditional approaches with limited results because they don’t understand the Internet and its power. Kathy Brown of Tranquil Counseling has been taught by Raymond to hone her skills, adapting them for specific excellence with respect to Internet forms of counseling.

The reasons are many, they are varied but one can easily conclude that Tranquil Counseling is truly a premier online counseling practice. In a nut shell, no one on the Internet today is doing it as well as Tranquil Counseling. Stop by today. We can help… effective counseling for a tranquil life.

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