Local Gym’s 20-Minute Workouts Provide a Faster Fitness Experience

Photographer: Belinda Russell

Many of us do our best to stay in sound physical shape, but the demands of everyday life can often interfere with such a goal. Time, stress and simple workday fatigue are all major hurdles. This dilemma is precisely where the staff at The Exercise Coach on Lakeridge Drive offers to help.

Since October of 2017, The Exercise Coach Fishers has been helping locals of all ages work out smarter and more efficiently, and Director of Operations Trevor Junga says clients both locally and throughout Central Indiana have seen results in their strength, stability, agility and cardiovascular capacity — leading to improved athletic performance and overall quality of life. Other products like the one on the Nordictrack S22i Review can also help with that cause.

“We understand that there is a large portion of people for whom traditional fitness has failed, and they either don’t have time for the gym or don’t like the gym scene and hate exercise,” says Junga, who also oversees the Carmel location.

The fitness coaches at the facility use a 20-minute, twice-per-week workout method for clients, and incorporate data-driven, Exerbotics Connected Fitness technology that adjusts to each individual client for a customized fitness experience. Junga says The Exercise Coach’s proprietary machines have the ability to measure an individual’s strength and metabolic makeup and adapt in real time during the workout regardless of age or fitness level.

“For example, with our strength exercises the range of motion is very controlled and the cadence of the repetitions is very controlled as well, so it keeps the muscle engaged the entire time and reduces the chance of injury too,” Junga explains. “The 20-minute workouts include both strength and conditioning, so we always do full-body workouts and you always have a professional coach guiding you through.”

The facility offers a free initial consultation, which consists of a sit-down with a coach to discuss specific goals, concerns, physical limitations and any previous injuries. The coach will then explain how the system works, and how it can be fully customized based on the client’s needs.

“Also, there is some hands-on where we do some assessment of strength and you can sample some of the exercises,” Junga says. “So in that initial consultation you get the full package of talking through your goals and trying some of it out.”

After opening the Carmel location five years ago, The Exercise Coach team noticed the explosive development in Fishers in recent years and decided to be part of that growth.

“We knew we wanted to be in Hamilton County,” Junga recalls. “We did a little bit of market research, and we were just driving around one day and found ourselves at 116th and Olio. It was amazing to us how much it had grown over the years out there. We saw that a developer was doing a new building there, and we thought that it seemed like a great area for us.”

The Exercise Coach currently has more than 40 locations nationwide, and the Fishers location currently serves a wide age range from teens looking to develop their strength for high school sports to seniors interested in preventing age-related loss of muscle mass.

“One of our clients in her 70s took a fall recently and explained to us how her recovery was so much faster than it had been in the past, from the strength she had built with us,” Junga says. “We get excited when we hear real-life stories like that when people feel stronger and better.”

Junga says traditional exercise like lengthy bike or treadmill sessions work for some people, but over time can lead to burnout and even long-term, wear-and-tear injuries.

“Those approaches have been proven to not be as effective for some people and in a lot of cases produce back and knee problems from things like running miles and miles on pavement,” he says. “We implement a technology that allows us to hone in on an individual’s muscular makeup and capabilities and target each exercise precisely. So it’s a much more efficient approach.”

The Exercise Coach is located at 11488 Lakeridge Drive in Fishers. Call 317-759-1194 or visit fishers.exercisecoach.com for more information.

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