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The Anxiety Relief Center – Fishers

The Anxiety Relief Center Brings Biosound Therapy to Fishers

Writer / Matt Keating 
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Anxiety Relief CenterColleenia Korapatti, a licensed mental health counselor with The Anxiety Relief Center (ARC), 11083 Village Square Lane, Fishers, says the center exists to meet the urgent mental health care needs in the community. 

“Walk-in appointments are available for Biosound Therapy and counseling, although scheduled appointments are an option as well,” she says.

The ARC is the only business in Indiana offering Biosound Therapy.

“Biosound Therapy combines biofeedback, sound massage, music therapy and video content to allow relief during the session, while teaching skills you can use at home as well,” Korapatti says. “The benefits of ARC to our community involve individual, marital and group therapy, research and innovative interventions to treat a variety of symptoms.” 

Korapatti is an experienced therapist who has learned that symptoms sometimes manifest themselves in physical ways. She noted that the key is to address symptoms that may be stuck in your body. 

She says Biosound Therapy has been very beneficial. 

“Advancements in physical treatments are diverse and common, but for some reason it doesn’t seem normative to use technology to treat mental health symptoms,” Korapatti says. “Combining psychology and technology is a unique way to decrease mental health symptoms, yet this is being done routinely with physical health.”

Anxiety Relief Center

Korapatti adds that “ARC offers appointments in quicker time frames for those who are truly suffering and may not be able to function well when they are at work or school. ARC gives people a place to go when they do not belong in the local ER, but they cannot wait for an appointment with a therapist.” 

Korapatti says the biofeedback system uses a heart rate variability program that teaches techniques to manage emotions while achieving physiological balance. Therapeutic music during the session is composed with binaural beats and frequencies that help you move into the parasympathetic nervous system activation. 

With guided imagery, mindfulness selections help you achieve a relaxed state while hearing powerful messages of release and healing to treat your specific problem. 

The ARC offers therapeutic services and Biosound Therapy to treat the following issues: Dual Diagnosis, ADHD, anger issues, grief, chronic impulsivity, emotional disturbance, substance abuse, PTSD, stress, anger management, chronic pain, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and depression. 

Korapatti believes healing occurs in different ways to each individual person. The ARC also believes in integrative treatment and refers people to other practitioners to ensure that their individual needs are met. You can also visit if you want to give medical cannabis a try.

Anxiety Relief Center“Fishers has been named one of the best cities to live in, yet mental health needs are still present,” Korapatti says. “Being able to offer quicker and more innovative treatment will contribute to a healthier community.

“I have lived in Fishers since 2006 and have enjoyed watching the city grow,” she says. 

Her family has been very helpful to her over the years. 

“My wonderful and supportive husband, son and two dogs understand my need to find meaning through the services that I offer,” Korapatti says. 

The Anxiety Relief Center is located at 11083 Village Square Lane in Fishers. You can give them a call at 317-537-2890 or visit them online at for more information. 

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