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Spray-Net Provides Innovative Painting Solutions

Writer / Renee Larr
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Spray-NetA home makeover can often be as simple as a new paint color. Spray-Net North Indy offers an innovative exterior and kitchen cabinet repainting solution. Spray-Net specializes in painting exterior siding, doors and windows, and kitchen cabinets, with proprietary coatings engineered specifically for each surface.

Owner Rodney Kuhl says Spray-Net offers its own proprietary coating specifically formulated for each type of paintable surface. Kuhl says each proprietary coating provides a factory finish warrantied for 15 years, engineered specifically for the needs of that surface. For instance, the kitchen cabinet coating is a hard, durable finish that is scratch and stain resistant, and washable, made to withstand the daily activity in your kitchen. Whereas the brick coating isn’t a paint at all. It’s actually a stain. The stain allows the porous brick to breathe so moisture isn’t trapped inside and the coating won’t peel.

“We’re a much more cost-effective alternative to replacing your kitchen cabinets or exterior siding, often saving clients 50-75% vs. replacement,” Kuhl says. “Our process is always brush-free, only using paint sprayers. For kitchens, our two-component paint is odorless and dry to the touch in 15 to 30 minutes, so you can return to using your kitchen as soon as we leave.”

The brush-free finish means newly painted cabinets look brand new. Spray-Net provides a thorough process by bringing the factory directly to the client’s home. Kuhl says they bring a portable spray booth they can set up inside a home or garage. From there, the Spray-Net team prepares the rest of the home by covering any exposed surfaces.

“We have a HEPA air scrubber running to clean the air while we paint,” Kuhl says. “We take the doors off the cabinets and spray those in our portable spray booth, ventilating dust outside. The cabinet boxes stay on the walls to be painted, but we mask off everything else and put up a plastic barrier from floor to ceiling to protect the rest of your home.”

The majority of their projects are completed in two to three days.

Spray-NetKuhl was looking to get out of the corporate world and find a business opportunity that allowed him more freedom, time and flexibility in his work life. Kuhl was drawn to Spray-Net because of its unique approach to home renovation.

“I liked the idea that Spray-Net could bridge the gap between painting and replacing, and filled a large void,” Kuhl says. “I liked my corporate job but I was sitting behind a computer all day. I love getting out and meeting new people. Spray-Net was an opportunity to provide a high-value service and a great employment opportunity for those in our community.”

Kuhl says each surface type is different, necessitating different formulations of primer and paint. Spray-Net customizes both and combines it with a patented process to ensure a high-quality, long-lasting finish each time

“One of the other nice aspects is our clients can be in their home while we work,” Kuhl says. “There is minimal disruption to their everyday lives. We thoroughly protect everything else in the area. Also, conventional cabinet repainting rarely holds up and often has to be redone every few years. With our process, your cabinets, exterior siding, doors, and windows are guaranteed for 15 years, so you save a lot of money vs. replacement now, and compared to conventional painting in the long run.”

For more information about Spray-Net, call 317-342-1649 or visit

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