New App Allows People to Help Lawrence Students in Need

Photography Provided by MSD Lawrence Township

The Metropolitan School District (MSD) of Lawrence Township has had a successful history working with partners and organizations that help them make a positive impact on the lives of the students they serve. With those great partnerships, a solid vision and the leadership of MSD’s Student Services Department, they have introduced their newest partner, Purposity.

Purposity allows people to quickly and easily lend a hand to Lawrence Township students. By signing up, participants are sent just one weekly notification with specific Lawrence Township needs via the Purposity app.

The program’s leaders say it might be a winter jacket for a student in one of the Lawrence Township schools or household essentials for a family that lost its home in a fire. People can decide if they want to help and meet a need in just a few clicks, right from their phones. Participants will know exactly where they are helping and why.

“Community members and businesses can become involved in Purposity by downloading the app on their phones and follow MSD of Lawrence Township,” says Tracy Beer, the McKinney-Vento Liaison, Foster Care Liaison and Family Liaison for MSD Lawrence Township. “Once a week, Purposity will push out the needs we have listed. Those who follow MSD of Lawrence Township will receive the weekly notifications from Purposity when we have needs posted and choose if they wish to purchase items requested.”

Beer notes that the response has been great so far. 

“We went live on September 26, and posted four items,” Beer says. “Those needs were met within 24 hours. We posted eight more on that Sunday, and those were also purchased within 24-36 hours. We received all the items by Oct 3. It has been great to see how much support our students and families have.”

Beer believes having Purposity is another avenue to help the MSD of Lawrence Township meet student and family needs. 

“The Office of Student Services relies on donors, community partners and the Lawrence Township Schools Foundation to support students and families,” Beer says. “Purposity is an added bonus. Our needs are great. Some of the families we work with rarely receive new clothes or new household items. Many of us take that for granted. When families are trying to get out from under homelessness, financial hardship or some other chronic stress — these things that may seem small to you and I can make a big difference in how they feel physically and mentally.”

Beer adds that Purposity is easy to use and only takes a few minutes to change the life of a student or family.

“Everything is completely anonymous, so followers don’t know who is requesting items and those receiving don’t know who is giving those items,” Beer says. “Even the school district doesn’t know who is making the purchases.”

Purposity requests pull directly from Amazon, so the variety of options for purchase is endless, according to Beer.

“Even though the average cost of items is around $30, we are able to make requests for purchase up to $250,” she says. “Other communities have been able to purchase items such as beds, bedding, lamps and clothing for parent job interviews.”

Beer adds that Purposity “allows the community to support our schools in a way that is both tangible and timely. This year, MSD of Lawrence Township has a hashtag, #Strong Schools, Strong Communities. Purposity is a perfect example of this in action.”

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