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Lawrence Township School Foundation Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Writer / Matt Keating
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The Lawrence Township School Foundation (LTSF) is celebrating its 40th anniversary by taking a trip down the yellow brick road. 

Executive Director Jen S. Gibbs says foundation members agreed that a Wizard of Oz” theme would be wonderful. 

In The Wizard of Oz,Dorothy clicks together her ruby heels and says, Theres no place like home,’” Gibbs says. The LTSF kicks off their ruby anniversary of 40 years on March 10, 2023, with a themed celebration entitled, Theres No Place Like Lawrence Township.’”

Lawrence Township SchoolThe LTSF was founded in 1983 by educational leaders and community visionaries. 

The LTSF has raised millions of dollars to support critical educational programs and student needs,” Gibbs says. 

Mike Gibson, board president of the LTSF, says the organization is the philanthropic arm of Lawrence Township schools. We connect community and classrooms to empower students to excel,” Gibson says. That mission started back in 1983 and continues as we enter the new year. That is worthy of a celebration.”

Gibbs notes that the foundation is inviting the Lawrence Township community to follow the yellow brick road to the Indiana Roof Ballroom on March 10, 2023, and join the LTSF for one magical evening of celebration. It will be an anniversary party with a purpose,” Gibbs says. The foundation will honor, at the celebration and throughout the year, the hearts, brains and courage that paved the path for LTSFs 40-year legacy.”

Gibbs says that Natalie Thomison, LTSF marketing and event specialist, has begun collecting anecdotes and stories from LTSF founders, past board members, retired teachers and staff, community members, and other influential groups as they reflect upon the last 40 years of the foundation. 

Throughout the year the foundation hopes to capture and highlight all the big wins, important memories and heartwarming stories of impact that have brought LTSF to this milestone,” Gibbs says. Join the celebration and share your LTSF story by contacting Natalie at 317-423-8303 or Sharing our collective history points us toward the future. Starting at the celebration, LTSF will be extending invitations throughout the year, to begin laying the brickwork for empowering the next student generations to shine.”

The focus will be on deepening community connection and involvement, while growing the ways the LTSF supports studentsshort-term needs and long-term development.

Constituents throughout Lawrence Township have worked shoulder to shoulder to support Lawrence Township students for the last 40 years,” Gibbs says. Together, foundation supporters have helped students find their vocation. Theyve helped send students to college and vocational training. Theyve helped ignite student learning and empower their progress. Theyve helped feed, clothe and provide resources to students as they grow.”

Community members have given their volunteer time, support and donations. 

Imagine what we can do together in the next 40 years with a community as powerful as this,” Gibbs says. With this community of support, as it is stated in ‘The Wizard of Oz,the dreams that we dare to dream really do come true. Theres no place like Lawrence Township.” 

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