Innate Way Wellness: Holistic Mental Healthcare

Writer / Renee Larr
Photographer / Walker Photography

Innate Way WellnessPsychiatric Nurse Practitioner Lauren Alcorn was working in the Emergency Department when she noticed patients with chronic illnesses presenting with a laundry list of symptoms that never seemed to improve. Some of these symptoms included fatigue, lack of motivation, anxiousness, irritability and depression.

“There never seemed to be a good solution for those people,” Alcorn says. “I wanted to learn the ways I could support those patients, so I started researching nutrition and lifestyle factors contributing to people feeling unwell. I take a functional approach, which means I look at those different factors that could be contributing and help address and correct them.”

Alcorn learned there are health care options that can get missed in traditional health care settings. She found many sources of intervention besides just prescribing medication. In July of 2021 she opened Innate Way Wellness, a holistic mental health care facility. Alcorn is also a certified nutritionist and wellness coach.

“I wanted to empower people to know they have more control over how they feel based on everyday habits,” she says. “When we support and correct what root problems are contributing to symptoms, we see better outcomes and people can really thrive.”

Innate Way WellnessInnate Way Wellness offers various services including mental health therapy, functional testing, behavior support, nutritional counseling, biofeedback, vagus nerve stimulation, medication management and more. The practice assists adult, adolescent and pediatric patients.

“In our office we have a licensed clinical social worker named Sarah Wicker, a mental health therapist that provides emotional support, and I also have a board certified behavior analyst named Ali Lessard who provides behavior support to children and caregivers,” she says.

Alcorn stresses that mental health care is not a one-size-fits-all approach. The team of professionals at Innate Way Wellness provide individualized care and often collaborate to best support each unique client. She says a first-time appointment lasts 90 minutes, allowing providers to dive deep into the patient’s experiences, and to create the best evidence-based treatment plan. Alcorn says it’s a very personalized approach and no two treatment plans are the same. She says she loves being a small-business owner in the healthcare industry.

“Women have such a unique and powerful voice that for so long was not represented or heard,” Alcorn says. “Encouraging women to step out into their passions and offer a different perspective in business is powerful and necessary in our society. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to build something different and fill a gap that I believe can make a difference in mental healthcare.”

Innate Way Wellness is located at 7440 N. Shadeland Ave., Suite 204 in Indianapolis, IN. Call 317-210-3204 or visit for more info. 

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