Photography by Michael Durr and Aerial Photography by Daniel Woody

Experience the Indy 500 Coors Light Snake Pit Concert

In the heart of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, amidst the hundreds of thousands of race fans, a production team of visionaries and technical experts deliver a spectacle like no other – an epic outdoor electronic dance music (EDM) event that provides a high-octane experience with larger-than-life visuals, blazing pyrotechnics and earth-shattering sound.

This is not just any concert event; it’s Snake Pit, an immersive EDM concert that leaves a sea of humanity, within a sea of humanity, in a collective frenzy.

Chris Schroeder, owner and operator of Chris Schroeder Productions, and his team of experts in various fields – lighting designers, audio engineers, pyrotechnic specialists, visual effects artists and stage builders – have redefined what it means to deliver a live music experience. Each member of Schroeder’s team brings a set of unique skills and creativity to the table, and they are all driven by a shared passion for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of live entertainment.

“The first time I was approached about doing a concert inside the track at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway while the race was going on, I had a hard time envisioning it, because I didn’t want to be the guy who launched the confetti machines and stopped the Indy 500,” Schroeder says.

That hesitation certainly didn’t stop Schroeder and his team from pushing the pedal to the metal and creating an event that has become an exclamation point to one of the largest sporting events in the world.

Lining up top-tier performers for this event begins in October of the prior year, and the logistics of the stage design begin in early January. This year’s Snake Pit will be headlined by Excision who will be joined by Dom Dolla, Gryffin, Sullivan King and Timmy Trumpet.

As you read this article, construction of the Snake Pit stage is likely underway. In the days leading up to 108th running of the Indianapolis 500 presented by Gainbridge, the team will work eight to 10 hours per day to assemble and test every component of the stage. The crew will construct the skeleton of this monster, utilizing two large cranes and a large group of stage hands to get the physical structure in place.

“At any given time during a full production day, we have stage hands, lighting, video, audio, special effects, and structure personnel, adding up to anywhere between 70 to 90 people working simultaneously,” Schroeder says.

In addition to the bone-rattling sound system, one of the centerpieces of the stage is undoubtedly the massive LED wall, a marvel of modern technology that serves as a dynamic canvas for visual effects. Graphic designers and animators implement stunning visuals that complement the music and elevate the audience’s sensory experience. From pulsating patterns to twisting animations, the LED wall becomes a living, breathing entity, seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the performances.

For the Snake Pit crowd, the stage stands tall and provides a presence that demands even the craziest crowd’s attention. As the bass drops, pyrotechnics erupt in synchronized bursts of flames and sparks, adding an explosive punctuation to the sonic landscape. This stage comes to life and serves as the fast-beating heart to one of the largest spectacles in American sports.

Onstage, the performers feed off the collective energy of the crowd, their music amplified by a thunderous sound system reverberating through the crowd and into the track itself. The synergy between the artists, the stage and the audience creates a palpable energy, surrounded by the buzzing car engines.

Behind the scenes, the team watches with pride as their months of hard work and dedication unfold before their eyes. For them, it’s more than just a job; it’s a labor of love – a passion that allows them to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

“When you pull into gate two and go under the track, and get into the confines of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, you know it’s going to be special,” Schroeder says. “Another thing that catches me is the vastness and just how big the track is. Our little corner in turn three can support 25,000 to 30,000 people who are surrounded by another 300,000 to 400,000 people in the grandstands and infield.”

While the Snake Pit experience might not be for everyone, it certainly part of a long-standing tradition, and one that will continue to dazzle music and race fans for years to come.

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