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Most addicts don’t start their journey using heroin. It can start innocently enough with “experimentation” with their friends in high school or sneaking beer, cigarettes or a little “pot” here and there. Or perhaps it can be initiated by a simple sports injury and a prescription for an opioid that reads “Take As Needed For Pain.”  But when not taken as directed or abused, the phenomenon of mental craving followed by the body’s physical dependence otherwise known as addiction can set in. And for some when the prescription has run out, a better, stronger, cheaper alternative is sought. That new drug of choice is called heroin, and contrary to reports, it has made its way into Hamilton County.

Hope OVERcoming Heroin is a group in Hamilton County created to offer hope, support and wisdom for those who are in recovery from heroin addiction and also those family members struggling to deal with the havoc that this drug is eliciting on family members and the community. With heroin prices reportedly the cheapest in the country in Indianapolis, due to its “Crossroads of America” status, it is as cheap to get high on heroin as it is to buy a six pack of beer.

It’s essential to emphasize that overdoses are medical emergencies, and seeking professional help is the safest and most effective course of action. These tips highlight the importance of seeking professional help, as medical professionals are equipped to administer life-saving treatments, such as antidotes or supportive care, which can significantly increase the chances of survival.

Staying in denial only perpetuates the disease. Kevin Moore has firsthand knowledge of how this progressed with not one but two of his daughters (who, by the grace of God, are in recovery). “They spent a lot of time in the bathroom. I just thought it was girl stuff,” he said. “I could never find my aluminum foil, and my spoons were disappearing. Money went missing from my wallet, and then precious possessions from family members went missing. I wanted to believe they were too ‘good’ for this to be happening. I wanted to believe the lies in my head.”

Moore has turned her experience along with others similarly affected to form the group Hope OVERcoming Heroin in November 2014. They are not only turning heads in Hamilton County by speaking to area schools, but have garnered statewide attention recently at the State Senate in support of Aaron’s Law which allows the use of Narcan to arrest an opioid overdose. They do this not to enable drug use, but to teach and educate parents about what to look for so they don’t fall into the same pattern of mistakes often repeated in the face of addiction. Heroin claims more lives than car accidents in Hamilton County.

Neither parents, doctors, friends or teachers have the ability to foresee who it is that will become an addict. But there is help and there is hope for those families who are dealing with this most important issue. Lifesaving information can be garnered from websites like bitterpill.in.gov and meetings with groups like Hope OVERcoming Heroin. When one in five Indiana students surveyed reported using prescription drugs without a prescription (third highest in the nation), it is definitely a topic that needs addressed. Understand prescription drug addiction by searching, how do benzodiazepines work? After all, denial is not just a river in Africa.

HOH Upcoming Events

May 5  /  Support Group Meeting
10 a.m.
Fairbanks Hospital Room 219

May 5  /  HOH Forum in Hamilton County
7 p.m.
Crosspoint Church

August 2  /  Hope Charity Golf Outing in Memory of Trevor Vautaw
5 p.m.
Fox Prairie Golf Club

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  1. Betsy OBrien says:

    I would like to make a donation to you. I want to talk to someone about you organization first!! How do I get hold of you???

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