Girls About Town: Wine Stomping at Daniel’s Vineyard

As always, we’re on the lookout for some great family fun…heck, just any fun!!! Fall presents itself with many great options in our area. Beyond your typical apple orchard, pumpkin patch and hayrides, Geist now has a legitimate new fall adventure. So, we grabbed our friends, family, dogs and a picnic blanket, and headed right around the corner from beautiful Geist Reservoir to Daniel’s Vineyard on Carroll Road for its annual Grape Stomp!

Always wanting to play along with the theme, we channeled our inner-Lucy. Donning bandanas on our heads and dressed in our petal pushers, funky glasses and white peasant blouses, we could practically hear Ricky’s voice, “Aye, yai, yai, Lucy! What are you up to now?!?”

When we arrived, we found we were in good company. People came ready for a silly, grape stomping time! When you check in, they ask you to come up with a name for your stomping team. We were Team Lucies About Town! As we waited for our turn, we threw down our picnic blanket, headed over to the food trucks, and enjoyed a little picnic. Since Daniel’s own wine will not be ready until next spring, we smuggled in some wine of our own—we thought it only appropriate for the occasion. In a grassy area underneath the cover of large, beautiful trees, Daniel’s set up the ideal scene for a wine stomping event. There were bales of hay, mums, four large vats and a doggie station! The kids really liked the face painting, tattoos and corn hole.

After enjoying our picnic, our team name was called over the loud speaker. We kicked off our heels, it was go-time! Squishy. Wet. Fun. All are words we would use to describe our first time at stomping grapes. In true Lucy fashion, we went to work! We stomped and tromped and even did a couple do-si-dos. Hobble, lumber, and galumph! WE OWNED THOSE GRAPES! We were having such a grand time that we started getting irritated stares from people who were wondering when we were going to be done. As we exited stage left, there were plenty of troughs full of soapy water with which to wash off our grape stained hooves.

After the Stomp, we checked out the rest of the grounds. Straight out of a scene from Mayberry was a vintage police car and fire truck. We love you Lucy, but now it was time to channel Barney Fife! Deputy-in-chief, Tom Britt, crawled in the front seat, as we played a couple of Otises in the back. Citizen’s Arrest! Citizen’s Arrest! Otis has been over served and needed to be hauled off to jail!!

Luckily, we somehow escaped Barney and his one bullet and took cover in the vineyards. There was row after row of grape vines. While Barney was being side tracked by Aunt Bee’s homemade apple pies, we helped ourselves to some clusters of grapes as we kicked back and enjoyed the sun. We found it hard to believe that so close to home, more than 14,000 vines have been planted since Daniel’s Vineyard first started in 2010. Situated on 80 acres, these vines produce eight different varieties of grapes. They’ll be producing wines from Cabernets to Catawbas, red to white, sweet to dry— all from Indiana grapes!

The owners of Daniel’s, the Cook family of seven, are committed to developing a first class winery in the years to come. Currently under construction on the property is a large wine making facility that will also house a tasting room and banquet room. In fact, they have already started accepting reservations for weddings and other events.

A true family and community venture, Daniel’s is making its mark. “We’re very appreciative and feel fortunate to have a very big-hearted, helpful support system made up of not only family and close friends,” Jenna Cook said. “But also members of the community of whom stand in our corner during these growing years of our business. Helping hands and understanding ears are never far away. At our Grape Stomp event we are able to share an experience with our community that creates a feeling of being part of a large family- a value we cherish greatly. It is our hope Daniel’s Vineyard remains grounds for unique wonders in the many years to come.”

Sure to be an annual tradition, you’ll want to mark your calendars for this harvest event. Wine, sun and fun…you can’t miss with this one! As always, CHEERS!!!

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