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Popular Event Showcases Local Artists Throughout August & September

Photographer / Kristen Shaver

Fishers Arts CrawlThe City of Fishers is stepping up to the plate when it comes to strengthening its art and cultural district. One way it’s doing so is through the Fishers Arts Crawl, which is presented in partnership with the Fishers Arts Council.

The Fishers Arts Crawl is a night where residents can wander around and shop at businesses within the Nickel Plate District, which was recently designated as a Statewide Cultural District. While there, visitors will see local and regional artwork and performances.

Traditionally, the Arts Crawl is a one-day event in July. However, this year there are three Arts Crawls – the recent July 19 one and another on August 16, both from 6-9 p.m., and September 14 from 4-9 p.m. Two additional Arts Crawls were added this year to commemorate its fifth anniversary.

“Our July and August Arts Crawl are very traditionally what Arts Crawl usually is, which is different artists or performers around the Nickel Plate District inside local businesses. It’s a collaboration between businesses and artists,” says Stephanie Perry, Assistant Director of Public Relations for the City of Fishers. “Our September one will be that, but we’re hoping that it’s so much more and that we’ll have almost a street festival feel around the Municipal Complex.”

For visitors wanting to bring children, the September Arts Crawl will be the anniversary celebration, which will be more family-oriented. The other two, July and August, will be more adult-oriented.

Mixed Mediums

This year, the Arts Crawl has the most artists they’ve ever had participating. Visitors can expect to see a variety of mediums and styles of art around the Nickel Plate District. They will also hear blues bands, acoustics and Acapella groups.

“We have visual artists and we have performing artists,” says Tom Rich, Vice President of the Fishers Arts Council. “They can expect to enjoy what the businesses offer them, with some of the businesses offering some specials. And then in addition, they’ll be able to experience some of the artwork from the artists and hear some music.”

Several businesses will offer special promotions during Arts Crawl. Deals range from complimentary services and refreshments to discounts on purchases.

“The businesses are really embracing it and trying to expand their role as well,” Perry says.

The Fishers Arts Council hopes to get people to understand that the Arts Crawl is dynamic and not static. To make it more dynamic, the Arts Crawl will have live performances by VOCE Indianapolis, an Acapella group, and Anthony Boler, a magician, as they travel around the Nickel Plate District throughout the evening.

“It’s more than just going out to dinner or going to a business,” Rich says.

Leveraging Arts and Culture

With Arts Crawl expanding over three dates and three months’ time, it’s showcasing how the city is leveraging its arts and cultures. When Fishers became a Statewide Cultural District in December, it started an arts commission.

“We’re stepping up to the plate when it comes to art and culture — we want to be known for that,” Perry says. “But along with that, it’s a beautiful evening to enjoy downtown Fishers, discover new local artists and performers that maybe you’re not familiar with and also discover new businesses.”

Rich says that for local artists, the Arts Crawl is a chance for them to display their work.

“That’s really exciting for us because Fishers artists, they really don’t have a lot of places to exhibit their art and this is one of the few chances throughout the year where they can showcase their art and have it seen by their friends and their neighbors,” Rich says. “It’s nice for artists to exhibit, but this also gives them the chance to sell, too.”

The Fishers Arts Crawl has two remaining dates, August 16 from 6-9 p.m., and September 14 from 4-9 p.m. The Arts Crawl is free to attend. For more information about the event, such as participating businesses, artists and performers, visit playfishers.com/184/Arts-Crawl.

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