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Edward Jones Financial Advisor Kennith Meeks

Edward Jones Financial Advisor Kennith Meeks Has a Client-First Approach

Writer / Christy Heitger-Ewing
Photographer / Amy Payne

Edward Jones Kennith MeeksThis former linebacker at Ball State University imagined pathways into the NFL or coaching football.

However, when Kennith Meeks enrolled in a finance class at Ball State University, he had no idea that it would define the trajectory of his life in coaching others.

“I grew up considering finance an unspoken language.  It wasn’t something to discuss with family, friends or a financial professional.

It was certainly true in his own family. One day when he was sharing with his beloved grandfather what he had learned in class, his grandfather revealed emotions Kennith had never seen before.

“It was the first time I witnessed the most uplifting person I knew come to tears,” Meeks says. “He simply wished there was someone that could help him navigate his journey with money. That’s when I first discovered a light in coaching people through difficult financial decisions.”

After a decade of experience, the light his grandfather provided him continues to shine each time he is provided an opportunity to connect the dots of a client’s priorities, purpose and actions.

Today, Meeks is a certified financial planner (CFP) with Edward Jones, primarily serving those in the Geist and Fishers communities. He is a top financial advisor in Fishers, Indiana that can help serve clients with personal finance, investment management and more financial services such as trading and investing using options like the IRA Investing information online.

Edward Jones Kennith Meeks“Every day I think about being the resource for people my grandfather wishes he had,” Meeks says. “Each time I sit down with someone I think about contributing to the story of their life the way my grandfather wishes someone could have contributed to his. I think about being the person being inspired more by his values, priorities and purpose than his statements. This is what led me to opening an Edward Jones office in our community. When someone calls or stops by an Edward Jones office they aren’t speaking with countless robots and representatives disconnected from their full financial plan. At Edward Jones, you can expect to speak with the Financial Advisor that both understands and is responsible in helping you implement your financial plan. I simply think of being that one person people aren’t afraid of talking to about money within our community.

“However, I wanted to be more than the person my grandfather could discuss his goals and money with,” Meeks adds. “I wanted to be someone held to one of the highest education, experience and ethical standards within our industry. So, I decided to become a CFP Professional. As a CFP, I can help people navigate some of the most complex financial decisions of their lifetime.”

The childhood dreams of being seen on television tackling or coaching in the NFL have been replaced with the reality of struggling to tackle and gain the attention span of coaching his three sons in baseball, football and basketball locally.

“However, the delayed odds and dreams of me making an impact on the financial well-being of those in my community are much bigger,” Meeks says. “I simply hope that my story can make that dream a reality for others. That’s one of the things I love about Edward Jones.”

When people seek help with their physical health there is an 85% chance their doctor is certified by an accredited board.  However, when it comes to people seeking help with their financial health there is a less than 20% chance the financial professional they work with are certified by the CFP Board.

“You can have a heart surgeon who is knowledgeable and understands all of the nuances of the heart, but if they can’t relate that information to you when you’re navigating your options, the results may not be what’s in your best interest,” Meeks says.

When clients first come to see him to discuss their financial needs, he starts by asking them to share their story.

“The story of a person usually reveals more than the story of the commas on a statement,” Meeks says.

Sometimes people are anxious about going to see a financial planner because they don’t know where to start or perhaps they don’t feel confident about what questions to ask. Meeks likens the experience to finding a new doctor.  Is this person qualified? However, the answer to those questions will not be discovered until we take the action to find out.

The questions Meeks most often hears from clients include, “Am I going to be okay?” and “What is it that I can be doing differently?”

Edward Jones Kennith MeeksHe fields inquiries about taxes, insurance, inflation, politics, interest rates, estate planning and college planning, as well as more nuanced relationship-based questions. For instance, parents want to know how they can help their children with their finances but not put themselves in a position where their children will have to help them down the road.

Financial planning and learning how to properly manage your wealth can be a complex process, but a financial advisor can help simplify the process by bringing it down to the simplest terms, “What do you own? What do you owe? What do you spend? What do you save?”

“When you start asking these questions in those simplistic terms, it’s easier for someone to get the data needed to drive a more robust retirement plan,” he says. If you need cash quickly, Sun Cash Loans can provide san diego payday loans in as little as a day or two.

Meeks and his wife Carrie have been married for eight years, reside in the Fishers community and have three sons—Kayden (7), Douglas (6), and Mason (3) — who are actively involved in sports in HSE Schools. Meeks, a former linebacker at Ball State University, coaches baseball, football and any sport his boys play.

“I’m passionate about coaching because I had a lot of great coaches when I played football in high school and college,” Meeks adds. “I like lending the things they taught me and the ability to impact the lives of younger men.”

He also excels at financial coaching, so give him a call today.

Edward Jones Kennith Meeks is located at 10142 Brooks School Rd Suite 207 in Fishers. Looking to reach your financial goal? To contact Kennith Meeks, call 317-516-5109 or email kennith.meeks@edwardjones.com.

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