Damar Providing Autism Services In Geist Area

There is much discussion and reporting today about autism – it’s possible causes and how best to treat a condition affecting as many as one in 50 US school-age children. This is a 72 percent increase in the diagnosis since 2007. That, in turn, has prompted two relevant questions: Are we experiencing a marked increase in the incidence of autism or, are physicians and others doing a better job of diagnosing the condition, helped in part, by a rising comfort level in talking about autism publicly?

While these conversations continue in academic and medical circles, Damar Services, Inc., has extended its highly-effective autism treatment protocols to serve the Geist area. In early June, Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Autism Services by Damar Specialized Services LLC opened a new clinic at 9905 Fall Creek Rd (intersection of 79th St and Fall Creek Rd).

Damar is the leading provider of treatment, education and other services designed to build better futures for individuals with the most severe and complex intellectual and behavioral challenges. The new Geist clinic specifically addresses outpatient autism services, and the organization said in a recent news release that its move to northeast Marion County was a recognition of the demand throughout central Indiana for therapeutic services in accessible locations.

ABA is recognized as the best-practice treatment for children with autism, helping them address the challenges with communication, social interaction, and restricted and repetitive behavior common in autism. “We recognize that treatment for children with autism extends well beyond the walls of a clinic site and long after the doors are locked for the evening,” said Dr. Jim Dalton, child psychologist and Damar president and chief of operations. “The most critical component in shaping the behavior of a child with autism takes place in the family home, guided by the parents and caregivers.  ABA Autism Services by Damar ensures that the family is not only engaged in treatment, but guides the treatment of the child,” he said in the news release.

With highly trained and experienced staff, a focus on evidence-based treatment and the use of technology, ABA Autism Services by Damar delivers cost-effective treatment that leads to measurable results for each client. Services include ABA therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, parent training, summer programs, evaluations, diagnostics, and evening and weekend hours. In a recent interview with GeistTV.com, Dr. Dalton explained that families increasingly are finding financial help to cover treatment costs. “Many ABA programs are now covered under Medicaid and private insurance programs,” he noted.

With more than 97% of those served [all diagnoses] experiencing greater levels of independence and success, Damar’s innovative and research-informed services have consistently resulted in individuals of all ages acquiring essential communication, social and behavioral skills – allowing them to return to their family homes, return to their local schools, return to their communities, and gain greater levels of independence and opportunity, according to the release. “We look forward to welcoming new children into our programs and working with their parents, schools and communities to ensure their success,” Dalton said.

For more information, please visit www.DamarABA.org.

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