If you want to bring luxury to your door, I suggest you invite Bill Geer over.  Bill is an executive clothier with the Tom James Company.  Bill just crossed into his 19th year providing clients with “to-your-door service” for all manner of clothing. He provides custom and ready-made suits and shirts, casual wear, and golf attire including the Fairway and Green and Zero Restriction lines.  In addition, he has shoes by Allen Edmonds, Ferragamo, Cole Hahn and more, and a full catalog of accessories.  Bill will come directly to your home or office and assist you with creating not only the most fashionable wardrobe you have ever had, but also the best fitting.

If you’re thinking, “I can’t afford custom clothing”, think again – because you really can.  Bill has custom cloth for suits that start at $599-$699 including a shirt and tie.   Also if you are thinking, “is there really a difference with custom clothing”, the answer is yes.  Once you have Bill make you a suit, shirt or trousers that are custom fit to your body, there is no going back.

With custom clothing, not only is it tailored to your body, but it can also be tailored to your taste.  If you want a single-button jacket with a peak lapel, Bill can do that.  Perhaps you want a three-button jacket with flat front pants. Bill can do that.  A couple of my favorite touches that Bill puts into my suits are functional buttons on my sleeves which is a true mark of a custom suit. And, the label inside my jackets reads “Turner and Brewer’s Dad”, instead of simply my name.  This calls to mind one of the things that Bill has said, “Quit wearing someone else’s name inside your suit and wear your own.”

Gentlemen, if you are hard to fit, you will be amazed at the fit Bill can provide, and the convenience is tremendous.  Once Bill has your sizes determined, you select the fabric you like and he delivers the garments ready to wear. The selection is unparalleled. If you are accustomed to finding seven or eight suits in your size in a retail store, Bill can show you hundreds of fabrics for your garment.

Think of it this way – Bill visits your spouse, partner or significant other prior to a birthday or Christmas and they pick out a fabric for a suit or sport coat.  When they receive the garment as a gift, not only does it fit and is ready to wear, but your loved one has selected the fabric, so you know they like it.  It is a win-win gift!

If you ask Bill what the best thing has been about his years with Tom James, he will tell you it’s the relationships he’s built.  Bill still has clients from when he started, and now serves the children of clients for their clothing needs.  Not only has Bill made clothing for weddings and anniversary parties, he has attended those ceremonies as an honored guest.

Bill currently serves between 350 and 400 clients locally, and I will tell you from experience that Bill is one of the most kind, genuine men you will ever meet.  He is the epitome of sartorial elegance.  I know the relationships are very important to Bill, but I’m guessing that one of his other favorite things is his wardrobe.  I am always anxious to see what Bill is wearing when I see him.

If you have never heard of Tom James, it doesn’t surprise me. Tom James has been around since 1966 and is the largest custom clothier in the country with annual revenue exceeding 250 million dollars. They do not advertise.  Unlike the well-known design houses that spend millions on full page ads in magazines, and put up billboards in Times Square, Tom James gains business from referrals, and puts money into the clothing not advertising.

I encourage you to reach out to Bill Geer and see what he can do for you and your wardrobe.  He lives in Bridgewater and will be happy to come by your home or office. To learn more about Tom James, go to www.tomjames.com. Bill can be reached at 571-9191 ext. 139 or b.geer@tomjames.com

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